Friday, 26 November 2010

my creative space

Is a little full.

In the middle of this...

...making a waterproof cover to keep Little Missy's legs warm and dry in the pushchair and adding loops and tabs to keep it from falling off and getting tangled in the wheels...

... a scarf for the little one out of odds and ends...

...and great plans to turn this into 24 mini stockings as an advent 'calender'... (how many days do I have to get this done?)

And countless other projects that are unfinished - over ambitious as always. Do you have more projects on the go than you can handle? Please, tell me you do.

More creative souls over here.


  1. I am smiling a big smile to see someone else in a similar flurry of activity and panicking as to how little time there is! And so I really had best much to do! Hope you manage to get everything done! Looks great from here! :)x

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . Lets not even go there. I have sooooooo much on we will be lucky to have any xmas pressies this year. Working 24 / 7 and still beyond broke. What is going on?

  3. Yes yeas, this seems an all too familiar sight! Right now I have, wrist warmers, a scarf, robins decorations, star garlands, the list goes on...! Good luck with these projects the buggy cosy looks like a great idea. Lou xx

  4. Oh nice creative space! I have lots of ideas and not enough time to get much started :-) I want to do more and i think yes i would have a few on the go.


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