Friday, 22 April 2011


Still here - battling with a computer that is playing up, partly working for now - but heading to hospital for an overhaul next week. I hate it when technology goes wrong and Mr talks about things and it sounds like a foreign language. I like simple.

10.10.10. day 7 by Colette Moscrop

 a photo by Colette Moscrop on Flickr.

I love the school holidays, time to rest, play, visit, recharge.
I plan to savour the remaining few days and squeeze in as much crafting with the girls as possible. The picture is an old one, I can't upload / download anything right now. Grrrrr. Deep breath. Time to sew and calm down.

The Kids Clothes Week Challenge is back. Sewing for children, one hour everyday for a week. Sounds good to me.

Hope to be back next week, with a proper update.
Happy weekend. x

Monday, 11 April 2011

sunshine and the new landlady (winner)

We have had the most glorious sun filled days lately which has meant many hours planting seeds and new fruit bushes at the allotment and pottering around the garden hoping to get a few more flowers growing and plenty of tidying.

The only trouble with this allotment business is that it is so addictive. I could spend all day weeding and planting and pottering around in the soil. It's so peaceful there and what we're doing will give us plenty of delicious meals over the coming months - it's so consuming. 

Nobody tells you this when you sign up, you will want to grow everything and abandon the supermarkets completely. These days I'm critical of all the fresh foods I buy now - it's all so tasteless in comparison. 

And it's contagious too, we got the bug from friends and we've passed it on, two families we know have patiently added their names to waiting lists.

All this sunshine is wonderful, but I'm seeing plenty of plants flowering far earlier that usual - the strawberries are flowering already - too soon surely? 

The plum tree that had nine flowers last year and gave us six delicious fruits is clearly happy in it's new home - it's bursting with blossom, I'm tingling with excitement at the thought of how many juicy fruits we'll get this year.

Now onto the winner of the giveaway, a day early I know, but it's the school holidays (hooray) and something has come up, thank you all for entering the fun. Missy Big did the honours....

and the winner is...

H at Roses Over The Door congratulations H, Mr and Mrs will be packed in a flash and coming to move in. I hope you have their room ready.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

thrifty storage

It's been a little lacking on the thrifty front lately, but I my heart skipped a beat when I found this lovely suitcase. 

It's in excellent condition, and I love the flashy red lining. I couldn't resist teaming it with Little Missy's shoes. 

Storage and general tidiness is not my thing, but I keep trying. This lovely treasure will hold all the clothes Missy Big has grown out of while we wait for the little one to grow into them. 
Phase one of 'the big tidy' which is on my to do list. 

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Friday, 1 April 2011

my creative space

Ah-Ha me hearties...

it's been a piratey week around here, the school topic has been pirates and this is the final week, today they had to dress up as pirate for school, which didn't go down too well. Missy Big cried at the thought of being a pirate and asked if she could just go in wearing her uniform. 

I did manage to persuade her, with a compromise of her own clothes and just a pirate waistcoat that I said I'd make. She asked for a heart on the back instead of a skull and cross bones, but we got there in the end. 

I ran out of time to add something pirate-ish on the pocket, ooops.

And this morning, she wanted to be a pirate, yay! 

And the life sized paper pirates they had to make, she's very dainty with the pink heels on her boots, pink sword and pretty dress.

It's been a fun week, slightly manic. Glad it's only a week until the holidays.

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Thanks for all joining in on the giveaway - there's still time to put your name in the hat. Don't be shy, even if you've never left a comment before...  x