Thursday, 16 January 2014

a new old list

Last January I wrote a list of all the crafty things I wanted to make during the year. Here it is, with it's updated status in green

a quilt each for the girls (gulp) 
both in progress, both tops and backs are done, the hand quilting is slooooow

a couple more cushions

a dress or two for me
I managed one

a skirt for me
done, a denim one with liberty facing

2 sets of curtains (which I loathe doing)
one pair done, other pair still to be done, soon!

clothes for these ever growing children
ooops, none made

make more progress on the bullseye
I have done more, though this is clearly a long term project

develop some new designs for screen printing
I've made some progress, not enough though

have a go at an embroidery collage for the wall
forgot all about this one

make a magic potion that doubles the number of hours in a day
an impossible dream

There were of course lots of things made throughout the year that weren't on the list, I'm easily sidetracked.

see, there is some progress!

So, my 2014 version.

finish the quilts for my girls

make another cushion or two

1 pair of curtains

clothes for the children

continue with the bullseye

more screen printing, get those ideas actually onto screens

lots and lots of clothes for me, spurred on by the handmade365 challenge

Not a huge list, but managable I hope. There will of course be lots of new projects that arise and distract me I'm sure.

Have you got a crazy list of things you'd like to make / finish?

Monday, 6 January 2014

wearing handmade everyday

I'm a lover of handmade.
I like to wear natural fabrics; cotton, linen, silk.
I'm tall, so shop bought clothes don't fit me very well.
I'm picky about the colours I wear.
I can sew, and trained in fashion and pattern cutting so I have the neccessary skills.

So why the heck don't I make many clothes for myself? 
Partly because all I see in the finished garment are the mistakes and how I could have done something differently. The fit can always be improved, the fabric / lining choice could have been better, I should have faced / hemmed it differently... the list could go on. Secondly the time it takes to make / alter a pattern (the tall issue again), it seems very indulgent to spend all that time on something just for me. 

All that aside, this is going to be the year I get on with it, and actually make more garments for myself.

sale time at Liberty = a couple of tops for summer 

To spur myself on, I am joining in with Ted and Agnes's Handmade 365 challenge. I came across this a few weeks ago and I decided to take the plunge in the new year. Admittedly I am currently only wearing handmade accessories and the odd skirt as most of the clothing I have made is summer wear. I have a stack of corduroy begging to be used and I'm raring to go, so watch this space.

If you're on Instagram search #handmade365 to see daily updates of other peoples handmade wardrobes, it's inspiring!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

goodbye 2013 hello 2014

Goodbye to a crafty and happy 2013, I know I haven't shared a whole lot on this blog, I discovered the super speedy Instagram and have neglected this space somewhat. 
Anyhow here's a little look at some of the Christmas presents I recently made for the family. 

A jumbo sized zipped project pouch for my Mum, using fabrics I have printed mixed up with some of Blueberry Park's handprinted fabrics. I used the noodlehead tutorial for a wide open pouch - it's so handy, you can see right inside!

A bow tie for my Step Dad, he wears them all the time, and Liberty fabric seemed like the perfect choice. I love how this turned out! I used this free Burda pattern, but made it a whole piece to the overall size required.

He wore it immediately.

And these two sisters, Miss Poppy and Miss Maggie Rabbit for my girls. I was inspired by Gillian and Charlotte's beautiful creations, I only wish I'd started sooner, these were finished off on Christmas Eve with my Mum knitting the capes as I can't knit and was cutting it a bit fine to learn.

I have a whole wardrobe planned for these two, they are going to be well dressed rabbits!

2013 was not a very bloggy year for me. I lost the flow, the connection and quite frankly wondered, shouldn't I be 'doing' something instead of reading about what other people were actually doing?! 
But lately I have been missing it, missing seeing what online friends have been up to and I've missed discovering other people's stories and adventures. 

So the new year is full of promise and new beginnings, plans and dreams. I have a long list of things to start / finish / try out. 
I hope I'll be better at sharing them with you!

Happy New Year everyone!