Tuesday, 31 July 2012

hand printed fabric

I haven't yet shared with you the wonderful fabrics I received as part of the HandPrinted fabric swap.

I received from the same four people I sent to, this is what dropped through my letterbox.

two prints by Bec at ScarletDesigns

Aren't I lucky? My love of red was clearly noted by my partners. They are all so different and interesting, I have no idea what to make with any of them. I expect they will sit in the stash being admired for a long time before I dare to cut into them. 
I hope Leslie from Maze & Vale hosts this swap again, it has been so inspiring and has pushed me to try new things. I will definitely be signing up again next time.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

a snippet

July seems to be a bonkers month, lots going on, too much to try and catch up on. 

So here's a little snippet.

The end of the school year always turns me into a snivelling wreck, where did the year go? Look how much the girls have achieved / grown / matured / done ... blah blah...

This also coincides with Missy Big's birthday, her 7th, which we celebrated with an Olympic themed party, which was oodles of fun. Just a few days later the torch came through Harrow on the Hill, what an incredible experience.

So now on with the holidays, hooray! 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I've been absent for longer than I intended, I tried to juggle way too much. I dropped the blog. Ooops.

There is loads to catch up on, but for now I just have a little  news to share with you, if you want to see what I made with these...

... pop over to The Village Haberdashery blog to see my featured item! Yes, little old me featured over there! I'm so very excited. If you're even a tiny bit in love with fabric be sure to pop by the shop, there are so many gorgeous fabrics to tempt you, and of course you get to admire my project again.  x