Tuesday, 31 July 2012

hand printed fabric

I haven't yet shared with you the wonderful fabrics I received as part of the HandPrinted fabric swap.

I received from the same four people I sent to, this is what dropped through my letterbox.

two prints by Bec at ScarletDesigns

Aren't I lucky? My love of red was clearly noted by my partners. They are all so different and interesting, I have no idea what to make with any of them. I expect they will sit in the stash being admired for a long time before I dare to cut into them. 
I hope Leslie from Maze & Vale hosts this swap again, it has been so inspiring and has pushed me to try new things. I will definitely be signing up again next time.


  1. The red and grey flowers is so you!
    How amazing would it look on a repeat design made up to be a really full skirt?

  2. Oh wow, these are amazing! I think I like the red flowers by Scarlet Design the best, but they are all beautiful. I really want to have a go at doing this but just can't commit to another crafting project when I currently have about fifteen on the go. So many ideas, so little time... x

  3. Oooh so lovely, what a collection. I've enjoyed catching up on what the summer has brought you...love the photo montage and the gorgeous summery dress..the scalloped edges have me undone.. sigh! :)Looking forward to seeing what else you can squeeze in before summers out xx


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