Thursday, 30 December 2010

camping for wimps - help me!

The guests are gone, the food mountain is shrinking, the presents are all loved and I can barely fit into my trousers any more. It's been a good Christmas.

This is the stocking I sent along with a few goodies to Anne in the Christmas Stocking Swap, hope she liked it.

Lazy days aplenty has been just what we needed. But of course the brain is thinking ahead, and a little last minute I know, but we have decided if we want any holidays again we are going to have to camp. *sigh* I have mixed feelings about camping, I like a comfy bed and warmth, and to eat food without grass in it. But reality is, our budget doesn't stretch to the silly prices it costs to rent a cottage for a week. So camping it is. I'm hoping it will be fun.

So I need your help - the sales are on, we are heading to the camping shop - what do I need, and what type of tent is best for 2 adults and 2 children? I looked on the website and my brain went into meltdown. Advice please!!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

visiting Rudolf

Today we visited the reindeer and fed them carrots, apples and parsnips, just to make sure they have enough energy for Christmas Eve.

We do this every year, it's lovely trip out and gets us all in the mood. We pass by a magical little stream and keep a look out for the fairies.

I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, may all your Christmas wishes come true. x

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

... and breathe

So how's the preparations going with you? I managed to catch up a bit last week and I'm glad I did. The snow we've had lately has caused chaos. From lunch time on Friday everything went downhill. Missy Big had slipped on ice in the playground and hurt her arm, there was nothing to see, but she woke several times in the night in pain.

We took her to the clinic on Saturday morning as she could barely move her arm - we were sent for an x-ray at a hospital which is normally a 15 minute drive away. Just as we set off the great big fat flakes of snow came down again. It took us 5 hours to do this journey.  We couldn't get into the snow filled car park and had to carry the girls as the snow was deeper than their wellies. 

She has fractured her wrist and is in a sling. Her biggest concern was how would she open her presents? Thankfully now the pain is easing and she can move it much more, we go to the Fracture Clinic on Christmas Eve.

We had to cancel her swimming assessment so now her lessons will be put back a term, and the train ride we'd booked to go and see Santa was cancelled because of the snow too.

I spent Saturday evening thinking of what a terrible start to the holidays this was, and how disappointed I was for Missy Big and what she couldn't do over the next few days/weeks. But she has been resilient and hasn't complained and is happy doing different things that she can manage. Her spirit and 'get on with it' attitude has lifted me and made me think differently about how I view things.

Yesterday we had fun playing in the snow for the first time - and so far the week has been fun, calm and happy.

So now we're all very excited, and don't have long to wait until the big day, and I'm thankful that we are all together and mostly healthy.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

remembering to stop

It's been a busy few weeks round here, I still have much to do. I'm sure it's much the same in your house too. 
I've not written a single Christmas card yet, I still have presents to make, a few to buy, all of them to wrap. 

But at the weekend we all slowed down, trying to remember what it's all about.

Missy big made an egg cosy for her teacher. 

She then taught her sister how to make a tree decoration, as she'd learned how to at school.

We went to the party at the allotment, and had fun winning prizes in the raffle, eating way too many mince pies and chatting with other plot holders, many of whom I'd never seen before.

We watched Christmassy films, ate popcorn, laughed, and stopped to have fun.  Must remember to do this more often.

This week I shall go like a maniac to try and get most of the jobs done before school breaks up. So we can just enjoy the holidays. Together. Stress free (?!?)

I shall be popping around your blogs soon,  have a great week x

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

what do boys want???

Teenage boys, not easy to buy for, even more tricky to stitch a handmade present for, that has to be light to post to New Zealand, hhmmm... I do like a challenge.

Then I got thinking, they love Top Gear (snore) and I know they eat.... 


I hope this makes them smile at breakfast...

it made me giddy with excitement - I hate it when I have an idea just before bed, keeps me awake with all the other possibilities, which led to this...


...and then these.... 

someone stop me! They are heading to my sadly neglected little shop, I have such great plans... 

Life sometimes gets in the way (happily) x

Thursday, 2 December 2010

my creative space

This week I have stitched like a mad woman, trying to get 24 mini Christmas stockings made in time to use them as an advent calendar. Last night I finished the last four (I don't think anyone noticed they were missing). I like how they turned out, though I need to find (or make) some nice looking pins to hang them from.

 I have filled them with crochet flower hairbands, chocolate coins, silly toys and crafty bits and pieces.

I have had this in my mind since becoming a Mum and wanting to create our own little rituals and traditions, I'm glad I finally got it done. 

I had planned to do them much sooner, and get one done for my shop, but it didn't happen. You may remember a while back I was missing my little one as she was at playgroup. I missed her terribly, but had great plans for those free mornings. 
Well I got her back, in mid October the boiler at the playgroup broke down, it's still not fixed so she's been back here with me. It's been great - though she missed it terribly at first. We're waiting to hear if they will re-open next week or wait until after Christmas.

Lots of handmade goodness has dropped through my door lately and this week I got my Stitched Postcard Swap from Diana. It made me laugh - and scared me a little, she says they have enormous bugs over there in Georgia. Eugh!!! Thanks Diana!

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