Tuesday, 14 December 2010

remembering to stop

It's been a busy few weeks round here, I still have much to do. I'm sure it's much the same in your house too. 
I've not written a single Christmas card yet, I still have presents to make, a few to buy, all of them to wrap. 

But at the weekend we all slowed down, trying to remember what it's all about.

Missy big made an egg cosy for her teacher. 

She then taught her sister how to make a tree decoration, as she'd learned how to at school.

We went to the party at the allotment, and had fun winning prizes in the raffle, eating way too many mince pies and chatting with other plot holders, many of whom I'd never seen before.

We watched Christmassy films, ate popcorn, laughed, and stopped to have fun.  Must remember to do this more often.

This week I shall go like a maniac to try and get most of the jobs done before school breaks up. So we can just enjoy the holidays. Together. Stress free (?!?)

I shall be popping around your blogs soon,  have a great week x


  1. I've still to make my cards!! :0/
    Though I'm half way through the pressie wrapping! Have run out of mulled wine so can't possibly continue until replenished! :)
    What a lovely little egg cosy!And what neat stitches...the gift of sewing certainly runs in your family!
    You ARE definitely right...we do need to allow ourselves to stop, savour the moments and have some family fun!..I would do well to remember that! Thankyou for the reminder :)

  2. I have no cards written or sent and am feeling that sick sensation of dread creeping up on me when i think of all the shopping that needs to be done. And then there is the cleaning, I feel like I'm living at best in a student house, at worst a squat. Note to self. Start getting ready for Christmas in July next year!
    Beautiful egg cosy. What a talented big little girl.

  3. Wow- so productive! Those decorations are super and I love the idea of mince pies down at the allotment! Those tools are fab! xx

  4. your card is so beautiful and I''ve shared it with everyone ... but I super suck and am trying to send yours today ... but of course I've lost the address ... please email it to me ... sonyammacdesigns@yahoo.com

  5. I have decided that cards will not be sent & it will be a new year letter. One less job! I love the egg cosy, beautiful. How was the allotment party. I can't imagine going down the plot so assume it was an indoors affair?! Starting to think about seeds though now. hmmm. Jacs x

  6. Oh my. Sounds like a good party!
    Best of luck in all the remaining endeavors. And then have a lovely cuppa tea!

  7. I love it when they patiently teach their siblings how to do things. The egg cosy is a super cute prezzy. I hope you're ticking lots of things off your lists.


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