Wednesday, 26 September 2012

back to work...

Deep breath. Little Missy is in school full time now. I'm holding up OK and she's loving it. It's very, very quite at home, all alone. 
I am getting sooooooo much done! 

So back to work...

These have been in the pipeline for such a long time.

I'm very pleased with the results.

You can find them in my shop here,

and here. Just in case you know someone suitable! 

It's very nice to be working again, it feels a bit like a holiday! 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

making progress

A teeny bit of sewing has been going on. I made a couple of Mo Blocks for Danielle's Can't Grow A Mo Sew A Mo charity quilt, you still have a week or so to make your blocks and get them to her if you want to join in.

I am making slow progress on my hexies, I'm not loving this, it will probably look alright once it's quilted. 

My heart is just not in it. Do you ever get like that during a project? Just fall out of love with it and wish you were doing the next project in your head?

I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't start something new until the old project was finished.
Must. Stick. To. It.

If you haven't already entered, the LMQG is hosting a fabric giveaway, thanks to Ray Stitch. Giveaway closes on the 22nd. Go!

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Friday, 14 September 2012

shared creative spaces

A little bit of creativity has been going on around here lately and it's about time I shared some of it.

I have been a bit depserate to sew, but had no time to plan / cut anything out so I just dived into the scarp jars and sewed. I have no idea where this is going, but I like it.

Over the summer I let Missy Big who's 7 have a go on the sewing machine, she's been more than keen to try it out.

She broke into her stash (a birthday present) and made a simple skirt for her Build-a-Bear.  

I added the lace trim - there are rules about how close her fingers can go to the needle / foot. 

Of course then the bear needed an apron, for when she bakes. So Missy Big dived into MY stash. She did the lace bit herself this time.

During the holidays we visited my Mum up in Staffordshire and she took us to Unit Twelve, a wonderful gallery / studio / workshop space that she talks about and visits frequently. We happened to go whilst a workshop was taking place, Jennifer Collier was teaching some ladies how to make hair band decorations our of paper with puzzle pieces, buttons etc to decorate. 

Missy Big was mesmerised, she loves to make and she kept going back and silently watched everyone stitching, cutting, experimenting. She took it all in, not even a juice and a biscuit could keep her away. It was a pleasure to see her so captivated. She was desperate to have a go, but it was a pre-booked workshop that was almost over. I promised we'd have a go when we got home.

Of course she remembered every last detail and managed to come away from Granny's with a bag of old jigsaw pieces ready for her creation.

She chose her old scrunched up papers carefully, and designed a new one, so it was just right. She carefully drew around a jam jar lid and then cut out her circles. She took her time stitching them into suffolk puffs and then drawing them up to 'puff'.

She had chosen a hairband and picked out a scrap of navy silk from my stash for the base. I stitched this bit, 'the boring bit' and when the base was ready she carefully positioned, rearranged and co-ordinated the paper puffs, buttons and jigsaw pieces then glued them all down. 

She did a great job, I think this looks pretty cool. I'd even wear it out myself, if she'd let me!

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Friday, 7 September 2012

a week of wonder

Brace yourself, there are half a million photos coming up. 

I've had the most amazing week, I'll start off with the LMQG meeting, they are always fun, interesting and inspiring but this one was a bit special. Sholto Drumlanrig, the designer behind the new Liberty Lifestyle Craft Fabric range gave us a talk in Liberty's Hertitage Suite. 

My photos don't do these justice, I only had my phone with me (argh!!) so apologies. These are the original artworks and the final designs once scale and colourways have been decided upon.

It was fascinating to hear about the inspiration behind the range and how prints from Liberty's heritage archives are sometimes reworked or used as inpiration in current collections.
We got to see some of the next range and know the theme for the third collection too, but I'm not allowed to share. Sorry. What a terrible tease! 

We've also been lucky enough to get tickets for the Paralypics, two swimming events and athletics too. 

My goodness it has been amazing, eye opening, inspiring, exciting, tense, thrilling, I could go on...

The swimming was my favourite, we watched Johnathon Fox, Ellie Simmonds and many others smash World Records. I was completely in awe of these athletes, we watched in amazement as some of the contestants got in the pool with no limbs, I wondered how it was that swimmers without arms were racing against those with arms. How could they be in the same catergory? Surely those with arms had a clear advantage? 
I was blown away to see the swimmers without arms win. Again and again. I can only describe it as like watching dolphins glide through the water. Astounding. 

Union flag bowler hats on and flags galore we went in to cheer ourselves sore and support team GB (and anyone else who happened to run past).

We had terrific seats, row 5. ROW 5!!!

It was a little overwhelming in there, it's massive. There were so many events on at the same time we didn't know where to look. We were quite close to the F11 Visually Impaired Long Jump finals so had decent views, wow those guys were impressive, it must take tremendous courage to run and leap when you can't see.

I think this moment was the girls' favourite.

If that's not enough to cram into a week it was also a return to school, Missy Big into juniors (gulp) and Little Miss into Reception, she'll be doing full days in a couple of weeks. It's going to hit me hard then. She's completely ready, I on the other hand am a bit wobbly. 
I'm sure a little sewing therapy will see me right. x