Friday, 7 September 2012

a week of wonder

Brace yourself, there are half a million photos coming up. 

I've had the most amazing week, I'll start off with the LMQG meeting, they are always fun, interesting and inspiring but this one was a bit special. Sholto Drumlanrig, the designer behind the new Liberty Lifestyle Craft Fabric range gave us a talk in Liberty's Hertitage Suite. 

My photos don't do these justice, I only had my phone with me (argh!!) so apologies. These are the original artworks and the final designs once scale and colourways have been decided upon.

It was fascinating to hear about the inspiration behind the range and how prints from Liberty's heritage archives are sometimes reworked or used as inpiration in current collections.
We got to see some of the next range and know the theme for the third collection too, but I'm not allowed to share. Sorry. What a terrible tease! 

We've also been lucky enough to get tickets for the Paralypics, two swimming events and athletics too. 

My goodness it has been amazing, eye opening, inspiring, exciting, tense, thrilling, I could go on...

The swimming was my favourite, we watched Johnathon Fox, Ellie Simmonds and many others smash World Records. I was completely in awe of these athletes, we watched in amazement as some of the contestants got in the pool with no limbs, I wondered how it was that swimmers without arms were racing against those with arms. How could they be in the same catergory? Surely those with arms had a clear advantage? 
I was blown away to see the swimmers without arms win. Again and again. I can only describe it as like watching dolphins glide through the water. Astounding. 

Union flag bowler hats on and flags galore we went in to cheer ourselves sore and support team GB (and anyone else who happened to run past).

We had terrific seats, row 5. ROW 5!!!

It was a little overwhelming in there, it's massive. There were so many events on at the same time we didn't know where to look. We were quite close to the F11 Visually Impaired Long Jump finals so had decent views, wow those guys were impressive, it must take tremendous courage to run and leap when you can't see.

I think this moment was the girls' favourite.

If that's not enough to cram into a week it was also a return to school, Missy Big into juniors (gulp) and Little Miss into Reception, she'll be doing full days in a couple of weeks. It's going to hit me hard then. She's completely ready, I on the other hand am a bit wobbly. 
I'm sure a little sewing therapy will see me right. x


  1. wow! what a fantastic week indeed!

  2. Love the Liberty pics - I must get mine off my phone. Paralympics look fab!

  3. on the bright side, it may be easier for us to meet for a cup of tea and a cake during the day one day soon! x

  4. Oh wow, Liberty AND the Paralympics, all in one week! It all looks and sounds fantastic. Hope your daughter settles well and it's not too hard for you. xx

  5. What a great week. It would have been wonderful to hear a Liberty designer talk about their work. It's great seeing the photos. The Paralympics are amazing aren't they. I went to some events when they were in Sydney. Wishing you the best next week, sewing therapy should help.

  6. what a brilliant week!

  7. Fab pics Collette! I have been avidly following the Paralympics on the telly and have been blown away by it!

  8. Fantastic - I am totally green-eyed-monster.... Did you know there's a giveaway for some of the Liberty lifestyle fabrics over at The Sewing Directory just now? Your pics of the paralympics are brilliant - I've been watching on the TV and loving every minute!

  9. Phew! All of that in just one week? So where do you hide your time machine?

  10. Wow, this photo-rich blog post blew up my pc then blew my mind! I HAVE to make it to a LMQG meeting soon, I am too jealous looking at everyone elses photos! Btw your first quilt a few posts back? Its beautiful! You should see my first one, its a shocker! I think theres a 'Confessions of My First Quilt Attempt' blog thread waiting to happen! Perhaps I should fess up and go first!(shame!)

  11. Wow, those Liberty prints are fabulous, it's great to see how the design starts


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