Wednesday, 9 May 2018

print and stitch part 2

I've continued to work on the project I started last January, printing and hand stitching linen squares. Each square is a new canvas and I approach it with no vision in mind. I'm led by my mood to choose a colour and pattern and I'm enjoying the freedom of play with this, I don't need to consider repeats and I let the design evolve naturally. Once the ink is dry and heat set I can begin the hand stitching, most of them are fairy simple, the patterns are quite bold and an uncomplicated stitch brings the piece some harmony.

My intention was to make a quilt with them all, I think this will still be the case, I just need to work out how to make it a little calmer. There's a lot going on here.

Perhaps sashing with some coloured linen would help, I feel the squares need some space to breathe.

The lighter colours look great in real life, though they're very tricky to capture in a photo.

I may make a couple of quilts, I'm not sure I could handle all these colours and patterns in one piece.

I will continue to make up squares as I'm really enjoying the process and starting something without a plan has been very liberating. Even though it is creating a challenge to make something cohesive with such a varied selection of squares, I hope to be able to pull them together to create something pretty special in time. 
If you're on instagram, you can follow the progress of this project with the hashtag #cmprintandstitch

Wednesday, 21 February 2018


It's true that I have a love / hate relationship with sketchbooks. I love to draw and sketch in them but often don't find the time, yet doodle on envelopes endlessly instead. 
Last year I began a 100 day challenge to fill a page in my sketchbook each day. I didn't even make it half way. You can see the results here.

I tend to have on / off phases with sketchbooks, which is crazy, it should be part of my daily practice.
So I have started to do just that, I'm making sure I spend just 15 minutes a day making patterns, drawing and experimenting.

I'm currently using black ink only, to limit my 'faffing' and trying to create the perfect image with the perfect colour combinations. I waste a lot of time overthinking work in a sketchbook, which is entirely what a sketchbook shouldn't be. It should be free, experimental, a visual diary, inspiring.

Looking at what I've created so far I have a long way to go at loosening up and experimenting. I think I need to play with different inks, collage, scale...  so much to try out.

I'll post updates on instagram as well as on here. I'm looking forward to this!

Thursday, 26 January 2017

our 52 week project - print and stitch part 1

As the new year began I was looking for a project to commit to, which wouldn't leave me stressing to hit deadlines, but would push me creatively. I came across the #our52weekproject on Instagram which was started by Brooklyn Haberdashery. It was just what I needed, you set your own project and the only commitment is to post an image on Instagram once a week using the hashtag. Perfect.

My project is to print and stitch into linen squares measuring 30 x 30 cm. I'm keeping it simple, I don't know how many I'll complete, I don't have a plan of how they will look. They will most likely become a quilt.

This print was stencilled using the waste you get from sticker sheets, (these were from Moo stickers) I did a tutorial for this way back here

I'm keeping the stitching really simple, so far just running stitch. Hand stitching into linen feels so luxurious, I'm really enjoying the time spent on this project.

More stencilling this week, introducing a second colour.

So many possibilities with this project, it's very freeing to work on this with no restrictions and no pressure. 

If you'd like to join in, find #our52weekproject and start sharing your creations.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Missoni Inspiration

Back in the summer I went to the Missoni exhibition at The Fashion and Textiles Museum. The friend I went with was a huge fan, I'm not so keen, but a day out with a friend, textiles and lunch is always a winner.

Ottavio Missoni

However, I was blown away by this exhibition. I came away completely inspired and loved the different ways colour was used to convey pattern and structure. There were a lot of paintings, some by Ottavio Missoni, which were bold and breathtaking. 

Nino Di Salvatore 'Struttura Spaziale'

Gianni Monnet 'Construzione'

Giacomo Balla 'Linee forza di mare'

I came away wanting to create on many different levels and I actually wanted to paint. This isn't like me at all, painting and I aren't a good combination. But the desire was there and I did go home and get out my inks and played around in my sketchbook. 

I will definitely be experimenting with colour and shapes more in my future quilts as a result of this exhibition, the movement and flow of these painting have inspired me to try some more curved piecing.

Friday, 6 May 2016


I've been working on some quilt blocks lately, so it's high time I did a little round up here.

This is a WIP I found yesterday, I'd forgotten all about it, so it was a very happy find. I'm Engish Paper Piecing this, though I found it is a free Robert Kaufman Paper Pieced Pattern. I like to have some hand sewing to do when I'm at events and this was my winter project, which got put aside over Christmas and forgotten about. 
It's very deco and quite striking, I'm going to enjoy continuing with this. It's got me thinking about a monochrome deco quilt, I think I need one.

This block is for a community project which has been organised by Hillary of Entropy Always Wins. The quilt is being made for Merel (@merel_birdblocks on IG), who lives in Amsterdam and has suffered a bleed around her spinal cord. She has limited movement in her legs but is already making progress. You can read more about the project here. The way in which the quilting community comes together to offer support and encouragement is one of the reasons I love quilting so much.

This block is based on the charming work of Kajsa Wikman it was such fun to make, I used some Libery scraps for the birds and fell in love with free machine embroidery again. It's been a long time since I last did any and I'll definitely be incorporating some into a project soon.

These two quilt as you go blocks are for the Siblings Together block drive they are quick and fun to make, so if you have the time I know they would appreciate your donation. 

Siblings Together is a charity that runs summer camps for children that are separated by the care system, they come together and get to play and spend time with each other just like other siblings. At the end of the camp each child gets to take home a quilt, which will remind them of their time spent at the camp, and the good times they had with their sibling.

This year the quilt group are hoping to reach their target of 100 quilts and are just past the half way point. If you can donate a block or two, or even better a whole quilt it will help enormously. 


Sunday, 1 May 2016

Me Made May 2016

It's May again, and time for Me-Made Made 2016! I love this challenge, whilst I do wear something handmade most days I often tend to wear the same things in rotation, this challenges me to look at my wardrobe as a whole and dig deeper to find forgotten items. I'm thinking in particular about accessories - I often overlook them, so this May I will be donning scarves and brooches in abundance!

This is my pledge and I will try and do a round up each week of my progress.

'I, Colette of / ColetteMoscrop on IG, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '16. I endeavour to wear something I have made each day for the duration of May 2016, I often forget about the accessories - I need to dig them out! I also plan to make at least two new items of clothing during May.'

Are you joining in? I'd love to hear about your pledge!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

vintage pledge make #1

I've been busy working on a few commissions, but have managed to squeeze in a little sewing time for myself. My first make was the Flared Skirt from Gertie Sews Vintage Casual. I added the pockets with a flash of colour from Kaffe Fassett, because I love a dress or skirt with a pocket.

It's the perfect everyday skirt, a bit of swish but not too fancy. I can see a cotton one for summer being made soon.

Then onto my Vintage Pledge Make #1, the blouse from Simplicity 3688 1940's retro pattern. I'm on a mission to increase my vintage inspired wardrobe and this was a great top to start with.

I used a deep cherry crepe, which hangs beautifully, though I think it was a little heavy for this blouse as the slightly odd pleats in the front waist don't drape too well. The fabric was a remnant that I got for £3, so this was a super bargain too.

This is a very quick make and I think I'll make another in a  Liberty print as it will drape beautifully. 

Not sure what's on my cutting table next, so I'd better get rummaging through those patterns and work my way through some of that fabric stash. 

Friday, 11 March 2016

Liberty Inspiration

I was very much inspired by the recent Liberty in Fashion exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum, if you got to see it too I'm sure you felt the same. Beautiful fabrics made into such a variety of clothing throughout the ages, the same prints making re-appearances in different colour palettes and looking so different from one decade to another.

The dresses on display were stunning, some made in-house at Liberty, others by professional dressmakers and some that were homemade with their own quirks and appeal, all equally beautiful and with a story of their own.

The dresses from the 1930s - 1950s were my favourites. Elegant lines, intricate details and more vibrant colour than I had expected.

Every aspect of the business is considered and has quality and true craftsmanship at the heart. From supporting local businesses like the silk weavers in Spitalfields, to ensuring clients had final approval on the designs and fabrics for their outfits. By ensuring garments were embellished with delicate embroidery and hand finished to the highest standards. These high values are surely what make Liberty such an enduring inspiration.

Each dress is an investment of all these qualities and must have been a dearly treasured item.

The bold colours and designs of the 1950s and 1960's still have a very modern feel to them. They have a more playful appeal and must have engaged the new 'youth' market.

The textile designs of sisters Susan Collier and Sarah Campbell from the 1960s and 70s really inspired me, their use of colour and geometric designs wouldn't look out of place in todays market. The painterly quality and more abstract florals are just beautiful.   

I am most definitely inspired and I am brimming with ideas now for the #Vintage Pledge.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

half term bonus

It's half term and we're enjoying a much needed break. Days out with family, den making, baking, sewing and all the things we don't usually find the time for, it's been blissful so far.

My shop will remain open, and to celebrate the holiday you can save 15% with the code HAPPY15 at the checkout. Next shipping day is Monday and the code is valid until Sunday 21st.

Enjoy the rest of holidays and some slow time everyone! 

Saturday, 13 February 2016

memory quilt

I have boxes and boxes of baby and children's clothes that I just can't part with. Favourite trousers that were rolled around in at the park, dresses that were worn to birthday parties, pyjamas that are filled with memories of our favourite bedtime stories. The special items, the ones that were chosen everyday, now worn out at the knees - they are so precious. 

I've long been planning a memory quilt, but those boxes are just so overwhelming. After a huge New Year clear out, the boxes are a glaring reminder in the corner. So I've taken the plunge and have begun to cut the clothes up and I've made a start at cutting some into squares and rectangles.

This will be an improv quilt, I plan to work on blocks throughout the year, this is definitely a long term project, but one that I am going to thoroughly enjoy and savour. 

There is also a lot of pink, with two girls it was quite hard to avoid, especially if you're fussy and will only buy your children cotton clothing!  I hope I can tone it down with some of the blues and greens from my maternity clothes.

I have lots of jersey fabrics in the mix, I'm wondering if I should interface these, any suggestions? Now I just need to keep up the momentum!