Friday, 21 June 2019

making a Half Square Triangle (HST) cushion

I'm a big fan of simple blocks and shapes when it comes to quilting, I like to see the print of the fabric and I like to add a solid colour to give the eye somewhere to rest and create a strong statement.

I've recently finished making 2 cushions using HST's and I thought I'd share my process with you. For both cushions I used fabric panels from my Etsy shop. You don't have to use the same prints or colours, choose something that will compliment your home decor.

For the grey cushion, finishing at 15.75" (40cm) square you need to cut:

8 solid pale grey 5" squares  
4 white with cloud seed 5" squares (1 panel)
4 grey with white seed 5" squares (1 panel)

For a solid backed cushion you'll need 2 fabric panels and 1/2m pale grey coton. 
In this cushion I used my printed fabrics on the cotton basecloth.

Draw a line diagonally across the solid pale grey squares and place each one directly on top of the printed sqaures, right sides together. 
Using a quarter inch seam allowance, stitch on either side of the diagonal line. Cut along the line so you have two traingles. Open and press your seams to the solid pale grey fabric.

Trim off ends so you're left with neat squares. 

Now you have your Half Square Triangles ready to make a design of your choice. I played around with several options before I decided to go ahead with a random layout. If you're not sure, take photos of your potential layouts and look at them on your screen, they look quite different when you take a step back.

Once you've decided on your layout, sew together each row, using half an inch seam allowance. Press the seams on each row in alternate directions to reduce the bulk. 

Pin at the point where the squares are to meet and join together your rows. When you're happy your corners meet, press open the seam from the back to help reduce the bulk.

Then it's time to baste and quilt your cushion. I decided to hand quilt with some vintage linen threads to add some texture. I echoed the shape of each triangle with a pale grey thread and I love the finished cushion. I backed the cushion with a piece of the pale grey fabric and hand stitched it closed.

I also made a larger blue cushion using the same method in denim grid and cadet essex linen. 

For the blue cushion, finishing at 19" (49cm) square you need to cut:

8 denim grid 6" squares  (2 panels)
8 cadet essex linen 6" squares 

For a solid backed cushion you'll need 2 fabric panels and 1/2m essex linen.
For a pieced back you'll need 3 fabric panels and 1 FQ of essex linen.
In this cushion I used my printed fabrics on the linen / cotton basecloth.

The method for making up this cushion is the same. I hand quilted with a single stranded cotton and did a heavy Sashiko style running stitch on the essex linen and a lighter version on the grid print.

If you make a HST cushion or quilt with my fabrics I'd love to see, share it on Social Media with #ColetteMoscropTextiles. 

Please ask if you're unsure about anything, I'm happy to help where I can.

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