Thursday, 30 August 2012


I have been completely absorbed in the summer holidays, I love this unrushed, schedule free family time.

Midway through the Olympics I was sulking a little as we couldn't get any tickets, no matter how many hours I spent trying. So we took ourselves down to the Southbank as we always have a fantastic time there.

There was a massive Lego Map of the World being made, so we joined the queue and made our two squares, then added them to Brazil. We dipped our toes in the rainbow beach, admired the enormous fabric tree and other incredible sculptures around the area. (more photos here)

We took advantage of the sunshine and had a few days camping by the sea. It was so nice to escape from everything and recharge. Life's good when your hardest choice is ice-cream or kite flying.

I have managed to get a tiny bit of sewing done, the LMQG challenge for the month was to make something using the Paper Piecing method, I have been very afraid of trying this. I shouldn't have been, it was oodles of fun! I used these free patterns and turned the letters into coasters for the girls.

This card sums up these holidays, I made it for my Mum's birthday. 

Hope your summer has been just as good. x

Monday, 6 August 2012


This is my very first quilt. I chose a print, threw in some extra colours and made it up as I went along. I picked up tips from friends along the way and spent hours happily hand quilting while my girls played.

It took me four months from start to finish. I didn't work on it every week, just a few bursts here and there.

I have loved making this.

It measures just over a metre square. The hand quilting (on the solid fabrics) is done in 4 different colours in numbers 5 and 8 cotton perle thread. I used embroidery/crewel needles, which made the quilting so much easier.

It now hangs around in the living room, we snuggle under it, play picnics on it, nurse teddies better under it.  

I am very pleased with my first attempt.

Which of course left me desperate to start something new, some English Paper Piecing, another first for me, I'm doing some hexagons and this will become a cushion cover.

I have plenty of scraps you see...

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