Thursday, 10 January 2013

a new list

Feeling refreshed and raring to go again, I have a new creative list, things I would like to make and do this year. I did one last year and managed to complete most of the tasks, the curtain and the clothes for me didn't happen, fancy.

Armed with some juicy fabrics, from here, I will be printing onto the solids and diving into the list...

a quilt each for the girls (gulp)

a couple more cushions

a dress or two for me

a skirt for me

2 sets of curtains (which I loathe doing)

clothes for these ever growing children

make more progress on the bullseye
(see below)

develop some new designs for screen printing

have a go at an embroidery collage for the wall

make a magic potion that doubles the number of hours in a day

I know that is an impossible list, but you never know!...

The Bullseye, this is a slow project. It's my on-the-go project. It comes with me on the occassional tube journey and I pick it up while watching the girls at their swimming lessons. I am almost one year on from starting it, I may not have done loads, but I LOVE it, my circles are fairly ripply, but I can live with that. 

What are your creative plans for the year? Tell me you have impossible goals too, please! 

Playing along with my creative space.