Thursday, 30 May 2013

wonky houses

I bought this sample pack for the Umbrella Prints Competition with plenty of time to get on and make something. Dumdeedum, roll on a couple of months and I realise I have just 3 days to think of something and make it.  

The pressure.   No ideas.   Not inspired.

In a very unprecise and unlike me fashion I set about chopping up the already small fabrics quite randomly in an attempt to make some wonky houses.

I printed some windows and doors and added a wonky roof. The seams don't all match at the corners, they lean more than I intended and I've over stuffed the tower block.

I don't think we have a winning entry here but I quite like them. I stitched them freely without worry and just enjoyed the process. That's what sewing is meant to be about, right? 

You will be able to vote for you favourite entries over here from the 1-5th June, I'm sure there will be plenty of stunners.

p.s. apologies about the quality of the photos, someone stole the sun and I had to use a flash, which wiped out the details.

Kaffe Fassett exhibition

Last week I went to the Fashion and Textile Museum to see the Kaffe Fassett exhibition

It is incredibly inspiring. I'm a 50/50 fan, some of his work I love, some I'm not so fond of, but I'm completely fascinated by the way he works. 

There are references to painting and ceramics throughout and you can really see the work unfold from the original inspiration.

The quilting was so varied, simple geometric shapes are brought to life with a bold use of colour. 

The exhibition is very rich and you will see some wonderful still life paintings, mosaics, tapestry, knit, quilting, ceramics and of course the inspiration behind so much of his work - nature.

If you get a chance to go you'll definitely be inspired.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

A bit slow on the uptake, but blindly following the crowd and jumping on the Bloglovin bandwagon.... join me? 

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It seems wrong to post without a picture, so here we go. I basted  this last week and it's now quilted and half bound, will show it off soon...

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Handprinted Swap III

It was so exciting waiting for the parcels from overseas to drop through the letterbox, knowing that they contain handprinted fabric from the swap.

It's amazing how different they all are.

these remind me of swirly clouds, from Charlotte 

I love all the different clouds in this from 
Holly - bamboo bear

gorgeous keys from Carolyn  - telltale thread

Thank you swap partners! Now, what to make with them?