Thursday, 30 September 2010

kids clothes week challenge, day 11

Phew, all done - better late than never eh? Little Missy's dress was finished today, I only started on it on Tuesday so I'm feeling very chuffed with myself. It also helps that I had a plan with this one.

So here it is... 

The crazy bonk was very patient, and told me she was very happy now I'd made it for her.

But I'm told it's not twirly enough, sigh....

Remember I thought the teacup pocket got a little lost on the first dress? Well I took Flaming Nora's advice and stitched it in lime green to match the spots to give it a bit more definition.  

I think it looks fab now.

... and apparently it is twirly enough.

I love how they have turned out, but I'm wondering are they dressy enough for a party? An all ages type - a friend is having a 39 and thirtynine fortieths party next week and I know it will be a bit lah-dee-dah, will these do? Hmmmm.

Now it's my turn, a few weeks ago I bought a vintage dress for this very party. Which needs shortening, so I started unpicking it ready for the updated version, hopefully it will be ready in time.

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Sunday, 26 September 2010

kids clothes week challenge, day 7

The toughest part of this challenge - one hour of sewing a day for a week. Turns out I don't get a free hour everyday. It would have been quicker if I'd planned it more, design-as-you-go is slow.

Some progress has been made, although not quite as much as I'd planned, 2 dresses - who am I kidding?

But here is Missy Bigs dress.

The favourite bit - the tea cup pocket.

Though next time I'll do a contrasting cup and saucer, it gets a little lost at a distance.

I'm extending this challenge, I'll give myself another week to do the next dress.

How are you doing with your projects? All finished!?


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

kids clothes week challenge, day 2

Well somehow September is slipping away - in my head this challenge was next week. So in a bit of a panic during nap time yesterday I got started on the first dress I'm hoping to get done. 

I know the basic shape but I'm still making it up as I go along, frills, pockets, crochet flowers? Lets wait and see.

Take a look at the host Elsie Marley for more inspiration.

And of course I didn't forget National Cupcake Week last week - just finishing them off, yum x

Happy sewing x

Thursday, 16 September 2010

my creative space

A little sneeky peek at the Christmas stocking I'm making for my swap partner in Selina's Christmas Stocking Swap. I know who my partner is, but it's a secret so I'm teasing you with just a peek. 

I quite like how it's turning out, though it's smaller and narrower than I'd hoped. I've made stockings before but couldn't find my pattern and in my excitement just made another. It's good for small gifts though - it's not all about size is it?

I'm trying to learn to follow a crochet pattern, so I'm making up flowers from this scrummy book. Some are a bit wonky, but I'm getting to grips with the terminology (almost) and they will look sweet on a garland in the girls room, or maybe on a new dress each. 

Have you seen this? I'm taking part in this Kids Clothes Week Challenge, so I've bought some new winter fabrics (I really do need them - honest!) and I'm planning on a partyish dress each.

Phew, so loads in my head  - need to get cracking....

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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

like mother, like daughter

Sewing is my passion, it always has been since I was a small girl making clothes for my dolls. I studied and stitched my way through collage and it's still what I do for work (very, very part-time) and play.

It's part of our life, my Mum loves to sew and it's very much in my family history. So it's no surprise that my girls have the passion too. Missy big began sewing when she was 3, using rug canvas and yarn. Adding in beads and ribbons as she experimented. Recently she raided my embroidery thread stash and wanted to do some 'big girl sewing' with a proper needle and a tambour

She began by making my Mum a birthday card, an embroidery of her little sisters favourite bunny.

Then she decided she wanted to make herself a cushion after seeing the one I made for a friends birthday. I gave her some some old blanket as it was very soft to work with and the weave was quite loose. She drew her design on with washable pens and off she went, happily stitching and chatting. 

Sadly like me, she also has a wandering mind and picked out a doll in a book that she wants to make next. In my mind I could see mountains of unfinished projects - best train her to finish one before starting another before it's too late....

After a few strops and screams I managed to persuade her that in order to make the doll she needs to learn running stitch and back stitch, so we practiced these on the last wall and windows of her house and then it was finished, phew!

Heart shaped windows - if only they were real!

That evening I added a (pink) floral backing and voila! A finished cushion.

And of course not wanting to miss out on the action Little Missy is joining in too...

I see a happy future sitting with my girls stitching and chatting, and way too much fabric cluttering up our house.

Of course she did start the making the doll - I'll keep you posted. x

Thursday, 2 September 2010

vintage heaven

Following on from my escape post I finally have some pictures of the most wonderful vintage shop Radio Days and the dresses I got from my day out. It felt like I was taking a step back in time when I walked through the door, it doesn't just sell clothes - it has the whole lifestyle - telephones, crockery, books and magazine and then the wardrobe... hats, bags, jewellery, clothing (mens and womens), you get the idea. 

sorry these pictures are a bit dodgy, camera wasn't focusing very well

Lee, the chap that runs it with his partner was charming and so passionate about all things vintage. He spent ages chatting with a couple about the dancing of the old days and finding videos for them to watch. He had a parcel of new stock waiting to be opened, he said he was as excited to open that, as I had been when I walked in through the door - what a wonderful job he has.

I spent a long time mooching around, and then a long time trying on dresses, which was such a pleasure, and this is what I came home with.

It needs a belt, and a little repair and alteration, and I'll make a little something to cover my shoulders, but it'll be just perfect for the occasion I'm going to next year.

I love the colours, I'm on the look out for the perfect red to complement it now.

As if one dress wasn't enough I popped into 'What the Butler Wore' on the same street and bought this one. Now don't laugh. This needs much more alterations, as it is is just a little too much.

I'm going to shorten it so it finishes just below the knee (keeping the ruffle), I'm not sure about the sleeves yet, and the blingy buckle - also not too sure - though Missy Big thinks this is the best bit!

So I came home very happy. And these were my Liberty fabric bargains. What more can a girl ask for? Another day out I'm thinking...

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