Sunday, 26 September 2010

kids clothes week challenge, day 7

The toughest part of this challenge - one hour of sewing a day for a week. Turns out I don't get a free hour everyday. It would have been quicker if I'd planned it more, design-as-you-go is slow.

Some progress has been made, although not quite as much as I'd planned, 2 dresses - who am I kidding?

But here is Missy Bigs dress.

The favourite bit - the tea cup pocket.

Though next time I'll do a contrasting cup and saucer, it gets a little lost at a distance.

I'm extending this challenge, I'll give myself another week to do the next dress.

How are you doing with your projects? All finished!?



  1. The dress looks fab, don't worry about the pocket, I think it looks fine, another fabric would be too much. Wht don't you just re stitch it in the colour of the dots? that would give the edge the definition it needs. Do it on a satin stitch z-z so you get a solid line. It will look fab. Hope you don't mind the advice, but I do this kind of stuff for a living, so... Ignore if you want. Well done on compleating only one dress. I failed compleatly and didn't make anything!

  2. I think the dress looks lovely. I'm particularily taken with the tea cup. So, so sweet. If she doesn't get lovely comments when she wears it, I'll be very surprised. Well done for completing the dress. It is gorgeous. Must get my sewing machine out again.

  3. Of course - why didn't I think of that? You're a Flaming Genius!

    Cheryl - thanks for the lovely comment and welcome!

  4. ...or you could go over the cup/saucer join with a fabric marker...

  5. Oooh that's really beautiful! I'm only about 1/3 way through mine, so totally failed the challenge. Will be happy if it's even half as pretty as yours though xx

  6. Oh, what a wonderful dress, I love the tea cup! I think you did really well with the time you had!


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