Thursday, 2 September 2010

vintage heaven

Following on from my escape post I finally have some pictures of the most wonderful vintage shop Radio Days and the dresses I got from my day out. It felt like I was taking a step back in time when I walked through the door, it doesn't just sell clothes - it has the whole lifestyle - telephones, crockery, books and magazine and then the wardrobe... hats, bags, jewellery, clothing (mens and womens), you get the idea. 

sorry these pictures are a bit dodgy, camera wasn't focusing very well

Lee, the chap that runs it with his partner was charming and so passionate about all things vintage. He spent ages chatting with a couple about the dancing of the old days and finding videos for them to watch. He had a parcel of new stock waiting to be opened, he said he was as excited to open that, as I had been when I walked in through the door - what a wonderful job he has.

I spent a long time mooching around, and then a long time trying on dresses, which was such a pleasure, and this is what I came home with.

It needs a belt, and a little repair and alteration, and I'll make a little something to cover my shoulders, but it'll be just perfect for the occasion I'm going to next year.

I love the colours, I'm on the look out for the perfect red to complement it now.

As if one dress wasn't enough I popped into 'What the Butler Wore' on the same street and bought this one. Now don't laugh. This needs much more alterations, as it is is just a little too much.

I'm going to shorten it so it finishes just below the knee (keeping the ruffle), I'm not sure about the sleeves yet, and the blingy buckle - also not too sure - though Missy Big thinks this is the best bit!

So I came home very happy. And these were my Liberty fabric bargains. What more can a girl ask for? Another day out I'm thinking...

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  1. Those dresses are just gorgeous Colette! I love the fabric in the second one, just divine. Looks like a beautiful shop too.

  2. I really like the first dress, and it is so flattering on you, I am sure that with a little alterations you have got yourself two stunning dresses :)

  3. Wowzers! I love love your vintage finds! The top dress is stunning, perfect for a spring wedding... I have a wedding coming up in March. I may have to go vintage dress shopping for that. x

  4. What a wonderful shop! The dresses are amazing, and I agree with Missy Big, the belt is fab. Of course I love the Liberty!

  5. Wow, what beautiful dresses, the fabric on the first dress is simply stunning - what a gorgeous shop

  6. I came across your blog from "Her Library Adventures". Great finds. I particularly love the second dress, just as it is.

  7. Love the fabric of the first frock and the second is straight out of 70s' wedding guest photo! Well done!

  8. it is a wonderful dress indeed. i've heard of the shop, and now i've had a peep. thank you.
    when i visit london i usually spend hours in all the charity shops all over town, and just love all the unexpected things i find (usually books). lovely to find you! :)

  9. I LOVE the second dress, great idea about shortening it: I would totally wear it!!!

  10. ahhhhh I love the dress!! Can't wait to see it at 'the occasion'!!


  11. Adorable....i also think its the best bit...


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