Thursday, 30 September 2010

kids clothes week challenge, day 11

Phew, all done - better late than never eh? Little Missy's dress was finished today, I only started on it on Tuesday so I'm feeling very chuffed with myself. It also helps that I had a plan with this one.

So here it is... 

The crazy bonk was very patient, and told me she was very happy now I'd made it for her.

But I'm told it's not twirly enough, sigh....

Remember I thought the teacup pocket got a little lost on the first dress? Well I took Flaming Nora's advice and stitched it in lime green to match the spots to give it a bit more definition.  

I think it looks fab now.

... and apparently it is twirly enough.

I love how they have turned out, but I'm wondering are they dressy enough for a party? An all ages type - a friend is having a 39 and thirtynine fortieths party next week and I know it will be a bit lah-dee-dah, will these do? Hmmmm.

Now it's my turn, a few weeks ago I bought a vintage dress for this very party. Which needs shortening, so I started unpicking it ready for the updated version, hopefully it will be ready in time.

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  1. Wow these are so beautiful! Yes, yes these are most certainly the partiest of dresses! Your girls will steal the show...cant wait to see your dress tho x

  2. What a fabulous, super-cute dress! And the first one looks even better with the new tea-cup edging! Well done lovely xx

  3. Well at least I now know where to come when I'm desperate for a cuppa! Glad the advice worked. They both look fantastic.

  4. Oh girls and twirl LOL - Thankfully we know that it doesnt last all of there lives:)

    Love the dress's well done.

  5. Oh my, the new dress is darling and I do like what you have done to the pocket of the other one, well done you! and yes, very party worthy.

    Can't wait to see your dress!

  6. A bit late to be commenting on this post but just wanted to say those dresses are GORGEOUS! I love love the cup pocket detail. lovely! Jacs x


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