Tuesday, 21 September 2010

kids clothes week challenge, day 2

Well somehow September is slipping away - in my head this challenge was next week. So in a bit of a panic during nap time yesterday I got started on the first dress I'm hoping to get done. 

I know the basic shape but I'm still making it up as I go along, frills, pockets, crochet flowers? Lets wait and see.

Take a look at the host Elsie Marley for more inspiration.

And of course I didn't forget National Cupcake Week last week - just finishing them off, yum x

Happy sewing x


  1. Well Done! To be honest I am ashamed to say I haven't done much so far. Gonna pull my finger out and get on with it tonight! Cant wait to see how yours turns out! x

  2. I love the colour of the fabric- can't wait to see it finished!


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