Tuesday, 5 October 2010

laveneder and crochet

I've had my eye on crocheted ric-rac for a while, I managed to have a go... what do you think?

It's so super easy, and quick so I feel like I've achieved something. So now I'm a whizz at this, I'll be adding it to more dresses, bags, cushions, anything that doesn't move really. 
Go on, you know you want a go too. The tutorial is over at Foxs Lane, so pleased Kate shared it with us.

My little lavender plant isn't happy where it is, but it did give me a few gorgeous flowers this year. I love it's subtle colours against the slate. 

We've got family coming tomorrow, and on Friday I'm off to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally with my Mum to be inspired by the exhibition and stock up on more crafty supplies (yes I'm very sure I need more).

I'll pop back next week with my goodies and a picture of the dress which is now back together in one piece ( never, ever, ever let me alter anything again - how long did it take me?? Ridiculous!)

Have a great week, x


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the croceted ric rac. Can't wait to try it!

  2. Oooo lucky you! Wish I could come. I know I would spend far too much on ribbons, yarn and fabric. Cant wait to see what you buy. lou x

  3. Hello Colette!

    I do like your ric-rac, what a fabulous idea for trimming outfits etc! What sort of yarn did you find worked best for it, is it pretty fine? It's very pretty anyway!
    Have a lovely time at the Knit & Stitch show!

    Love Julia x x x

  4. Hi Julia, I used Rowan cotton glace yarn and a size 4 hook, it's quite chunky and robust.
    Last night I had a go with the same yarn and a 2.5 hook, a much finer daintier version. I say just play around - see what you like best.

    Have fun! x

  5. Your ric rac looks divine, I still haven't tried it but, I have found my hooks so...
    Our lavender had to be replaced this year and so our small plants have only a few flowers, love the scent though!

  6. Hi Colette
    Isn't it great when somebody discovers your blog because then it leads us to new ones too! So here I am, and I do love your crochet ric rac - how neat is that? You are clever. I've no idea how to follow a crochet pattern, though I can do a couple of basic stitches.
    Thank you for your admiration of Miss Fern - she's become quite giddy with all the complements she's had!
    Denise x


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