Thursday, 14 October 2010


I should be making the little present for my friends daughter that I'm half way through, but instead I will give you a little peek at some of the things I got up to last week...

The Knitting and Stitching Show was packed, with a whole lot of creative and inspiring stuff.

Stitched chairs and lamps seem to be a new trend, there were a few about, which I loved - these were on the Rowan stand, (free patterns for the cushions are on their website) I quite fancy a knitted telephone.

And paper, something i can't resist.

These huge delicate hangings made up of torn panels were enchanting. By artist Chiaki Morita.

And books, coming to life....

And of course, the dress, at the party - I somehow spent most of my time in the children's tent - fancy that....

Best get back to making that present. x


  1. Colette your dress is stunning! You tease with a little snippet of it! More pics please?! Wow a crochet phone amazing, looks like a great show. Lou x

  2. I WANT that phone! How funny!
    Lou is right a better pic of the dress please.

  3. GORGEOUS! A feast for the eyes :) Love the phone especially, don't see many dial phone never mind crocheted ones! Love that book aswell with the swirls ad bits bursting forth! No wonder you have been side tracked :)

  4. I'm soooooooooooooo looking forward to going to things like that now that I'm coming back to England...

  5. What a fun show! I love love your dress, it's gorgeous! oh and your boots are fab as well :)

  6. Heh Colette - you won my give-away! drop me an email & we can plan what hat you fancy?
    can't wait to see what i'm going to be knitting


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