Thursday, 26 August 2010


Yesterday was all about me, I escaped for a day all by myself, no children, no husband, no bags laden with snacks, potty, spare clothes, entertainment etc. etc.

Just me.

First time in years.

So, first stop catching up with a very good friend from our school days, she now works at the Houses Of Parliament, and she showed me around - amazing! Soooo much history and tradition, the architecture is just breathtaking and the silence was quite unnerving. I could have spent hours looking around, it was so interesting, I felt like I was walking back in time through our countries history. Walking through the corridors that have been stomped through by various Prime Ministers, making decisions that affect our ordinary lives. 

After a quick nose around the House of Lords the House of Commons (much smaller than it looks on TV) we had lunch on the terrace overlooking the Thames. I felt very grand. It was extremely quiet due to Summer Recess so there weren't any politicians milling around. I will definitely go back when it's buzzing with people - I'm sure it will be a very different experience.

As work called my friend back I headed off to a vintage shop in search of a dress for a couple of occasions that are coming up, and I got lucky. But I will share this another time when I have some pictures to show you - what a shameless tease I am!

Next stop I wanted to take a peek at the much hyped up Anthropologie. Whilst there were many nice things and the store was quite quirky it lacked any soul and spirit - it very much felt like a perfect carbon copy of a tried and tested formula. it didn't feel very original. Have you been? Am I being a bit over critical? I didn't leave empty handed though - some oven mitts and over priced door knobs made there way home with me.

In search of some true originality I headed over to Liberty, by far one the best stores in London. The china section bowled me over, it was dripping with quirky pieces and had a fabulous wall display.

I snapped up some Liberty fabric remnants and then headed of to the cafe to recharge with some tea and a delicious lemon tart and thought about my day out. 

This city is best. I've lived here for 15 years and there is still so much to discover.
My heart still skips a beat when I step onto the tube and wonder about what lies ahead of me. The people, the architecture, the culture, the history, the smells, the creativity....  it inspires me, it makes me feel alive, whatever you want - it's out there. I love it.
I miss it. 

I love being a stay at home Mum, but it was good to escape for one day and recharge my batteries. Be me again.

It was even better to see my children's smiles when I got home. I went to bed with a happy heart.  x


  1. Ooo Colette, you lucky thing! I must schedule some me time and do the same. Liberty is top on my list as is the V&A. Can't wait to see the vintage shop and that dress... stop teasing and give us some clues! x

  2. Wow Colette what a lovely post and a lovely day!
    So glad you enjoyed your day to yourself, no kiddies and no bags, yippee! I remember that feeling of escape well. I made do with a quick jaunt to Costa when mine were small though, not quite the same as the Houses of Parliament.

  3. Sounds wonderful! I think it is vital to get away every once in a while, I know it makes me a better mom when I take care of me. I am mad jealous about your trip to that plate with the black bird! Though raised in the states, my mom introduced me to Liberty when I was just a wee lass and I adore it.

    So glad you had such a lovely day, can't wait to see your new dress.


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