Wednesday, 4 August 2010

jars of goodness

We have had good crops, so Mr has been busy making jams and chutneys, so far we've got blackberry jam, marrow marmalade, cucumber & apple chutney and cabbage & apple chutney.

He tends to adapt recipes as he goes, but here and here you will find oodles of recipes if you fancy having a go yourself. We've only just finished off last years pickles, so we'll do extras this year to see us through.

We've spent the last week at home as Little Missy is being potty trained, (with varying degrees of success) - so we are crafting ourselves silly, including a giant painting on some cardboard packaging which quickly turned into body painting and chaotic fun. Two baths later and we were normal colour again.

Hooray for lazy days at home x

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  1. Colette, thanks for your comment. Hmmm I think we will have to remember in the toughest of times today... we are in this together!!!

    Yep my Mr has made some yummy rhubarb jam... making jams & chutney I find is quite addictive... I love having the larder full..Dan calls me a squirrel! x


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