Wednesday, 11 August 2010

i need more time...

Just where are these holidays disappearing to? I had many plans but it seems that time is not on my side. 

I don't know about you but I like a bit of time at home, pottering and crafting, time visiting friends and days out exploring.... but it seems that 6 weeks isn't long enough to do everything I'd like, or maybe I was a bit over ambitious, I clearly didn't count in the extra time it all takes when potty training a little one or all the time it takes watering and harvesting veg at the allotment, and then making chutneys and jams.

But we are having a good time, a few tantrums here and there, squabbling galore and me regularly at the end of my tether by 7.30 and hunting for some chocolate.

Do you like our paper flowers? Missy Big was chuffed that the ladybird seemed to like them, she was convinced it was drawn to them by there sweet smell! Ahh!

One of my plans was to make some more summer dresses and tops for the girls, I even went fabric hunting here, looks like autumn will creep up on me first though. 
These fabrics were such good value, £4 - £5 per meter for cotton - I have been searching high and low for somewhere that sells cotton - this place is heavenly, great colours, natural fibers, good price - I can hardly wait for my next visit - is it really very naughty to just buy fabric and pile it up and admire it?

Of course it will all get used up, one day...

I went to a knitting group this week for the first time, I know I don't knit - in fact I am very bad at it and I just get cross but I do crochet so they let me in and some of them were crocheting I was pleased to see. 
They are very nice bunch of ladies and it was nice to meet people in the 'real' world with similar interests, I can't wait to go again - it was very lovely to escape from home too - getting out without the children is something I very rarely do. 
You never know I may one day have a go at knitting again, I was very inspired and a lovely lady showed me continental knitting - which looked a little easier and like I may get into less of a tangle. Nothing more complicated than a child sized scarf though.

Happy holidays x

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  1. Oh my goodness, it's true that there never seems to be enough time. I generally set the bar too high when making my lists. Good for you for getting out to a knitting group. I think I should find something like that too as I don't get out much.
    I love the look of all your jams and such, a lot of work but so satisfying.


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