Wednesday, 26 September 2012

back to work...

Deep breath. Little Missy is in school full time now. I'm holding up OK and she's loving it. It's very, very quite at home, all alone. 
I am getting sooooooo much done! 

So back to work...

These have been in the pipeline for such a long time.

I'm very pleased with the results.

You can find them in my shop here,

and here. Just in case you know someone suitable! 

It's very nice to be working again, it feels a bit like a holiday! 


  1. Oh that's a HUGE life step - so glad to read she's enjoying school and believe me, that quiet period doesn't last long before you settle into it and find despite having some daytime hours back on a permanent basis, it just suddenly disappears!! Love the cushions and tea-towel :-)

  2. awww, bless her! How lovely to have all that time!!!

  3. It must be very strange, the day all to your self. Love the tea towel!

  4. It seems only yesterday my youngest started school but in fact he went off to uni 2 weeks ago!! the house is so quiet!

  5. Enjoy the quiet but busy time :) You deserve it and boy I wish I had daytimes to myself!!

  6. These are fabulous! i love that tea towel. I have one more year in my mummy bubble before my youngest starts school...I am dreading it! But when i see how productive you are it makes me feel better. x

  7. Enjoy that peace and quiet! If it gets too lonely I can send my rugrat over?? ;-)

  8. eek! School already? Where does the time go? Glad to see you're putting your time to good use though..LOVE your latest embroidered creations.You are just going to have fill that empty nest with a cottage industry of stitched goodies ;)x

  9. So glad she's loving it. I remember not quite knowing exactly what to do with myself when my girl went to school. Now it's back to not enough hours in the day :)

    Love your work! Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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