Friday, 19 October 2012


Well I didn't mean to drop out of blogland, somehow the days have just been too short lately.

Anyway, I've been playing around with some screen printing. I  got Mr to make me a couple of wooden frames and followed this tutorial to stretch the mesh. I followed Leslie from Maze & Vale'great tutorial and hand cut my designs onto paper stencils. 

I had mixed results with the paper, I did some in acetate too, which worked really well, and you get to wash them and reuse them too! 

I love these, I'm calling them hexadots, I'm going to make some larger ones too.

These raindrops were an impulse design, I like how they turned out though. 

Printing onto a vintage pillowcase, the blue raindrops are way too dark, but I love the yellow on there.

Of course I'm just showing you the good ones, there are plenty of dodgy prints that I didn't get the pressure / speed right on.

And some more circles too, because I love these! I'll be getting a screen made up so I can do more of these. 
Tell me, would you prefer to see imperfect circles as above, that have a handprinted look to them or something more perfect and regular? 

I'm hoping to get some handprinted fabrics into my shop soon, I'll keep you posted!

Playing along with My Creative Space and looking forward to a Workshop with Lola Nova on Sunday, handstitching in London Town with great company - this weekend is looking good!!

Now I have a lot of blogs to catch up on, to see what you've all doing. See you soon x


  1. Hi there! Looks like you've been busy. I love your raindrops and hexadots but the circles are still my favourite. I like the slightly irregular, imperfect look of them, it says "handmade" rather than "mass produced" I think. x

  2. Love the circles! Screen printing is just so much fun hey!

  3. I love it all, and the circles are fab just the way they are! Xx

  4. I love the "imperfect" circles. They are (ironically) perfect!

  5. Ooo oo oo I love the hexadots!!! Screen printing is so much fun - the possibilities are endless!!

  6. Love the hexadots, what a fab idea. See you tomorrow.

  7. you have been really busy, love the circles and hexy dots!

  8. Stick with the imperfect circles, they are much more appealing . Loving the hexadots and admiring the patience it must have taken to cut them all out!

  9. Love your prints - the raindrops are fab!

  10. I really like your screen printing, I must get some tips from you - it looks a lot of fun:)

  11. Isn't it great when experimenting turns out such great results. You must be chuffed! Loving the hexadots, brilliant! x


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