Wednesday, 14 November 2012

bits and pieces

A couple of weekends ago I went to Lola Nova's workshop and spent the evening chatting and stitching with like minded folk, very good for the soul let me tell you, I should do such things more often.

We each made a patch / brooch from Alexandra's new book Simple Sewing with Lola Nova, which is packed full of lovely projects to make (there are some great Christmas pressie ideas in there).

My photos are all dodgy, so take a look at Alexandra's (Lola's) tale, peek into her glamorous assistant Flaming Nora's extensive stash and meet fellow pupil Laila, who wrote a lovely post about the evening here.
Aside from all the practical tips, the best thing I learned? To just sew, for pleasure, it doesn't always have to have a purpose. I often only sew with a finished result in mind, I will try and make time for more whimsy sewing (probably after Christmas though!) 


Little Miss turned 5 last week. She's desperate to be a big girl and I'm desperately wondering where my baby has gone. 

Pink Bun popped up on just about everything, he/she is her partner in crime.

There was of course a party, with bunnies and hat making, games and laughter. 
With an exhausted me at the end of the evening, remembering when she arrived, the good times we have enjoyed and thinking of the exciting times still to come.
Five years, gone in a flash.


This quilted cushion cover is finally coming together, I started off quilting it like this, but thought it too busy.

So I unpicked and started again, much happier with it now.

I know this post is all over the place, but so am I these days. Things are starting to come together, starting with my new screen printing screens which arrived yesterday, the next post will be full of pictures, just warning you! 


  1. sewing for pleasure is not as easy to do as it sounds, Too busy a life, too busy a schedule. Its a lovely thing to rediscover!

  2. love the hexagon quilting - the colours are fab!

  3. Oh Colette - I love everything you make! I can't wait for your printed 'schtuff' to appear so I can bu it!! And yes, sewing for pleasure is such. a. great. feeling. Sorta like dancing when no one is watching ;)

  4. That sounds like a wonderful workshop to have been part of. The little pink bunny is so cute! I really like the quilting in your first photo of your hexagons but then when I saw the second photo I realised you made the right decision.

  5. Sewing for pleasure - one of my favourite things to do, ever! That quilted cushion cover does look better in the after photo, you are right. Your seams and corners are so neat!

    Happy birthday to Little Miss. I got the school application through the post this week for my youngest - sob, sob... xx

  6. Beautiful card of pink bunny! Hope little missy had a lovely day x


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