Thursday, 2 December 2010

my creative space

This week I have stitched like a mad woman, trying to get 24 mini Christmas stockings made in time to use them as an advent calendar. Last night I finished the last four (I don't think anyone noticed they were missing). I like how they turned out, though I need to find (or make) some nice looking pins to hang them from.

 I have filled them with crochet flower hairbands, chocolate coins, silly toys and crafty bits and pieces.

I have had this in my mind since becoming a Mum and wanting to create our own little rituals and traditions, I'm glad I finally got it done. 

I had planned to do them much sooner, and get one done for my shop, but it didn't happen. You may remember a while back I was missing my little one as she was at playgroup. I missed her terribly, but had great plans for those free mornings. 
Well I got her back, in mid October the boiler at the playgroup broke down, it's still not fixed so she's been back here with me. It's been great - though she missed it terribly at first. We're waiting to hear if they will re-open next week or wait until after Christmas.

Lots of handmade goodness has dropped through my door lately and this week I got my Stitched Postcard Swap from Diana. It made me laugh - and scared me a little, she says they have enormous bugs over there in Georgia. Eugh!!! Thanks Diana!

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  1. Wow! You certainly have been sewing your socks off (heehee...just realised what I wrote!)
    What a gorgeous idea and they look just lovely dangling from the mantlepiece....sure beats calendars with cheapo chocolate :)
    Love the stitched postcard too and the funny beastie brigade :)

  2. What a lovely Advent 'calendar' and a lot of work too!

  3. Gorgeous stockings - your little girls will grow up longing to see this come out each year!

  4. Oh my, this is beautiful!! I can see all the work that has gone into each of those little stockings, the gorgeous materials, the stitching and then the thoughtful gifts inside each one. I think that will become a very special heirloom in your family, and a much loved tradition.

    Sending love
    Julia x x x

  5. What a lovely idea. I can just imagine bringing the stockings out every year and it being a favourite family tradition. Well worth all the effort.

  6. Oh I love the socks what a great idea for an advent calendar that also doubles as a fab decoration. Also love the sound of all the goodies you have filled them with. I have to admit that even though our boys have fabric ones we fill them with chocolate. Maybe next year I'll plan something different!

  7. Well done! more than I have managed to do. i start every year with high hopes of christmas creativity and it never gets as far as I hope! Love the postcard. Thanks for the message. You really DON"T look that bad!

  8. Hi Colette
    Well, I take my hat off to you, as I'd imagined I would make 24 stockings as an advent calendar this year too - and here we are on the third day and no sign of a calendar or stockings in my house! Well done you, they are gorgeous and you'll have such fun using them each year. Lovely to hear that your little one is back at home and you're all cosy.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Denise x

  9. that's amazing & looks great on the fireplace,

  10. Oh, they look beautiful! I have been meaning to do something like this myself but, well maybe next year :)


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