Thursday, 30 December 2010

camping for wimps - help me!

The guests are gone, the food mountain is shrinking, the presents are all loved and I can barely fit into my trousers any more. It's been a good Christmas.

This is the stocking I sent along with a few goodies to Anne in the Christmas Stocking Swap, hope she liked it.

Lazy days aplenty has been just what we needed. But of course the brain is thinking ahead, and a little last minute I know, but we have decided if we want any holidays again we are going to have to camp. *sigh* I have mixed feelings about camping, I like a comfy bed and warmth, and to eat food without grass in it. But reality is, our budget doesn't stretch to the silly prices it costs to rent a cottage for a week. So camping it is. I'm hoping it will be fun.

So I need your help - the sales are on, we are heading to the camping shop - what do I need, and what type of tent is best for 2 adults and 2 children? I looked on the website and my brain went into meltdown. Advice please!!


  1. We get by with very little- air beds, sleeping bags, torches, tent and a stove just about covers it i think. More recently we picked up a little fridge for the car, just to keep essentials like butter and milk cool, but prior to that we just used to shove a cool bag under a nearby bush. We love our large teepee tent, which is just one room, but obviously other families may prefer one with diferent 'rooms' for a bit more privacy. Depends what you think would suit you. Camping rocks, you will love the freedom xx

  2. Yes, an air bed for sure! For the big folk, little ones don't seem to be as bothered by the ground. We camp quite a lot in summer. A stove, a cooler (don't know what you might call it there), water jugs, etc.
    I have 2 plastic storage tubs with lids that I keep all our camping stuff in (cookware, silverware, spices, trash bags etc.) So they are ready to go come camping time. I also have a check list on file to help me remember everything. as for a tent, we are sorely in need of a new one. Ours is meant for two crouching adults, from the time when it was just the Mr. and me. Best of luck with your gear search!

    I love, love that stocking you made, just gorgeous!

    Oh, and happy happy new year!

  3. Oh oh oh how exciting! we LOVE camping! we have just bought a new tent at the end of last season, and it is HUGE! I would say that you can get by with much less, but when away for a week it is good to have some where for the kids to play on a rainy day. We bought a 6 berth one for the 4 of us. (admittedly the adults are both on the rotund side of life) but what it does have a a living area between the sleeping pods that you can stand up in. I am v tall and it does my head in crouching down all the time! Air beds are an essential, as is a stove and a coolie box. Not the soft sided ones you get in the supermarket but a heavy duty one with hard sides that I can sit on whilst supervising every one else doing jobs. old up chairs are a good investment too.
    You can hire tents relatively cheaply about £25 a week if you are not sure what you want/need. Lots of Tupperware is good! Hope that helps. Oh happy days we are already planning our 2011 camping trips.

  4. Awwww, Christmas is over and already you are planning survival under canvas! :)heehee! I trust you and yours all had a wonderful day? the sound of your trouser bursting stomach...that would be a yes!!:) (I am wishing I kept my maternity trousers for such occasions!!)
    We LOVE camping in this household! Mainly due to necessity..."if its not camping then its no holiday" kind of necessity! But I had the very same holidays and have some pretty long lasting memories!! :) (mainly rain and wind related ones!!)
    We've got a 4 man tent from Blacks (usually have a sale in the summer)its got 2 sleeping compartments side by side and a front bit for the cooking/wet welly area!
    However, brain wave...
    Have you heard of "wigwam villages" We've done this a few times.
    its a compromise between tent and cottage,cheap and cheerful and in Bonnie Scotland too! there are bound to be some near your home though!
    PS..... Have a fantastic Hogmanay and wishing you a very happy filled 2011 :) x

  5. Well now, yes the air bed is a total must and makes for a very comfy night. I like using sleeping bags too, though many people just take their duvets now, don't they? Also I think you need all the comforts of home that you can take: cushions, cosy blankets, plenty of cooking equipment, and good storage for your food etc.
    My favourite book for dipping into to make it all cosy when camping is "The Happy Campers" - it'll be on amazon - you'll love the book as there's so much good stuff in there. And lots of great recipes to use too! Go to amazon now!!
    Happy new year to you!
    Denise x


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