Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I've been absent for longer than I intended, I tried to juggle way too much. I dropped the blog. Ooops.

There is loads to catch up on, but for now I just have a little  news to share with you, if you want to see what I made with these...

... pop over to The Village Haberdashery blog to see my featured item! Yes, little old me featured over there! I'm so very excited. If you're even a tiny bit in love with fabric be sure to pop by the shop, there are so many gorgeous fabrics to tempt you, and of course you get to admire my project again.  x


  1. it's a gorgeous dress - I was admiring it earlier :-D

  2. Oh Colette - you make the most amzing and professional things. It looks fab :)

  3. I was admiring it yesterday - fab job! x

  4. You're so talented *proud* :)

  5. Yay, you're back! The dress is gorgeous, I love the pink fabric with green trim, so cheerful. Well done for having your dress featured! x


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