Wednesday, 1 January 2014

goodbye 2013 hello 2014

Goodbye to a crafty and happy 2013, I know I haven't shared a whole lot on this blog, I discovered the super speedy Instagram and have neglected this space somewhat. 
Anyhow here's a little look at some of the Christmas presents I recently made for the family. 

A jumbo sized zipped project pouch for my Mum, using fabrics I have printed mixed up with some of Blueberry Park's handprinted fabrics. I used the noodlehead tutorial for a wide open pouch - it's so handy, you can see right inside!

A bow tie for my Step Dad, he wears them all the time, and Liberty fabric seemed like the perfect choice. I love how this turned out! I used this free Burda pattern, but made it a whole piece to the overall size required.

He wore it immediately.

And these two sisters, Miss Poppy and Miss Maggie Rabbit for my girls. I was inspired by Gillian and Charlotte's beautiful creations, I only wish I'd started sooner, these were finished off on Christmas Eve with my Mum knitting the capes as I can't knit and was cutting it a bit fine to learn.

I have a whole wardrobe planned for these two, they are going to be well dressed rabbits!

2013 was not a very bloggy year for me. I lost the flow, the connection and quite frankly wondered, shouldn't I be 'doing' something instead of reading about what other people were actually doing?! 
But lately I have been missing it, missing seeing what online friends have been up to and I've missed discovering other people's stories and adventures. 

So the new year is full of promise and new beginnings, plans and dreams. I have a long list of things to start / finish / try out. 
I hope I'll be better at sharing them with you!

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. I always love your colour combinations and your handprinted fabrics are so delicious! Happy New Year Colette :)

  2. Happy new year, can't wait to see your 2014 makes

  3. I LOVE that bow tie, what a dude! The rabbits are pretty fabo too. Happy New Year to you and your lovely brood. xxx

  4. Love the bunnies! I bet your girls were over the moon!

  5. Those bunnies are so cute! X

  6. I have made those bunnies, they are great aren't they. Stick with us. Jo x

  7. Lovely stuff, I like the bow tie and the bunnies are great fun.

    I also love your step dads shirt! He's obviously a man of style. Love it!

  8. Happy new year! Love the bunnies :D

  9. You may have not blogged as much as you liked last year but your posts are so full of quality they make up up for quantity. Your handmade gifts are all wonderful. I like your step dads style! Bow ties would look great made with your fabrics. Those bunnies are so cute, I love their big floppy floral eatrs and their boots!!

  10. The rabbits are amazing! I love the bright colours you used. I want to make another one now. x


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