Monday, 6 January 2014

wearing handmade everyday

I'm a lover of handmade.
I like to wear natural fabrics; cotton, linen, silk.
I'm tall, so shop bought clothes don't fit me very well.
I'm picky about the colours I wear.
I can sew, and trained in fashion and pattern cutting so I have the neccessary skills.

So why the heck don't I make many clothes for myself? 
Partly because all I see in the finished garment are the mistakes and how I could have done something differently. The fit can always be improved, the fabric / lining choice could have been better, I should have faced / hemmed it differently... the list could go on. Secondly the time it takes to make / alter a pattern (the tall issue again), it seems very indulgent to spend all that time on something just for me. 

All that aside, this is going to be the year I get on with it, and actually make more garments for myself.

sale time at Liberty = a couple of tops for summer 

To spur myself on, I am joining in with Ted and Agnes's Handmade 365 challenge. I came across this a few weeks ago and I decided to take the plunge in the new year. Admittedly I am currently only wearing handmade accessories and the odd skirt as most of the clothing I have made is summer wear. I have a stack of corduroy begging to be used and I'm raring to go, so watch this space.

If you're on Instagram search #handmade365 to see daily updates of other peoples handmade wardrobes, it's inspiring!


  1. What a great challenge! Especially seeing you're trained in fashion and pattern cutting. Have fun planning all the lovely clothes you'll make.

  2. Oh well done! i keep thinking I should join in with this one, but time our fickle friend is not always on my side. Will be interested to see how you get on!

  3. brilliant, look forward to seeing your 365 journey!

  4. This is a fab idea. I've never made a garment before (apart from Maggie rabbit's dress but I don't think that counts!) and dream of floaty Liberty summer tops. I'm tall too and hate the way everything is too short in the arm and leg for me, it drives me mad! x


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