Monday, 28 March 2011

room wanted... giveaway

read in a 1940's english accent

the giveaway - the rules
to enter - leave a comment and tell me your favourite old film
(just being nosey)

for a second entry - add the button to your sidebar or mention the giveaway with a picture in a post on your blog, leave a second comment and tell me you've done this.

Mr and Mrs have up to date passports and don't get travel sick.
I give them a mostly good reference, she talks, and talks, and talks, and he has an eye for the ladies.
I'll draw a winner on 12th April 2pm, UK time.

If you can't wait until then, you can buy their neighbours here.


* giveaway now closed - a day early, sorry, something has come up!
- thanks for entering *


  1. Please miss I really love buster Keyton films and Harold LLoyd films. I miss the fact that they aren't on tv in the early evenings any more like what they were in the 1980's. I also very much so extremely love "To Kill a Mocking Bird' and "Some like it hot".

  2. ooh ooh...i was going to say "some like it hot" too! I used to love watching the St trinian's too ..that used to be on a fri evening on BBC2!...oooh or how about "monkey magic" that was a classic.... :)x

  3. I love these - too funny! My favourite old film:
    Calamity Jane with the gorgeous Doris Day. xx

  4. Ah bless her - the trauma of it all! My favourite film ever is an oldie - It's a Wonderful Life. Best watched near Christmas time, with a box of tissues close by!

  5. If I could watch any old b&w film right now it would be a Miss Marple with Margaret Rutherford. So many good films to choose from but I'd go for that one today.
    Love the tash!!

  6. My absolute favourite film in the whole entire world is Roman Holiday with the stunning Audrey Hepburn and the drop-dead gorgeous I wish he was still alive and young and I would want to marry him Gregory Peck.

    And then my second favourite film is The Goonies! Which I thought wasn't that old but actually it's probably like 25 years old now?!


  7. Oh my, what an adventure!
    Too many old movies to love. Cool Hand Luke, A Lion in Winter, A place in the sun...I could go on.

    I absolutely love the stitching in the last post!

  8. your post really made me smile!
    I'm going to go for all out uncool status and say Girls just wanna have fun with Sarah Jessica Parker- i knew all the moves when I was 8. That'd cheer up any blue day with its ridiculousness xx


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