Friday, 11 March 2011

my creative space

Sometimes I need to hear the bash - bash of Miss Parkers keys. And I'm quite hooked on making these bookmarks. 

Some people got one with a book last week - they were very chuffed.

Handmade and personal - what's not to love?

There are many more creative spaces.


  1. Awww these book marks are just them! I wish I had a type writer like mum used to have one when I was wee and I would sit and type any old thing just so I could hear the thudding of metal on paper. LOVE that sound!:)(same with the old shop tills too!!)
    Oh..and your day out sounds and looks wonderful..I am LONG overdue one of those days off involve going to work!! :) Thankyou for sharing..I shall live it out through your photos for the time being! haha! :)xx

  2. lucky lucky book people. very dedicated of you. Great idea. Expect a little something in the post soooooon. Went to the post office today x

  3. Colette, these are just lovely, wow. I finished some bookmarks earlier in the week as well, but gosh, absolutely nothing like these ones at all. These are little works of original art for sure. I love them. Your world book night post is very inspiring also. Yes I would love to read more than I do currently, but I know this will fall into place once my studies are behind me. I look forward to following your link of reading inspiration until I can join in. Have a wonderful weekend at your place, and I hope you manage to get lots of snuggly reading in.

  4. I love my gorgeous bookmark Colette x

  5. Love your bookmarks! I need to find some ribbon for my old typewriter.


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