Friday, 1 April 2011

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Ah-Ha me hearties...

it's been a piratey week around here, the school topic has been pirates and this is the final week, today they had to dress up as pirate for school, which didn't go down too well. Missy Big cried at the thought of being a pirate and asked if she could just go in wearing her uniform. 

I did manage to persuade her, with a compromise of her own clothes and just a pirate waistcoat that I said I'd make. She asked for a heart on the back instead of a skull and cross bones, but we got there in the end. 

I ran out of time to add something pirate-ish on the pocket, ooops.

And this morning, she wanted to be a pirate, yay! 

And the life sized paper pirates they had to make, she's very dainty with the pink heels on her boots, pink sword and pretty dress.

It's been a fun week, slightly manic. Glad it's only a week until the holidays.

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  1. oh what a beautiful pirate. You know, I think that some pirates would have had lovely pink heels and blue skirls with red belts for sure. Pirate can wear whatever they like, that's the beauty of being a pirate.


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