Friday, 22 April 2011


Still here - battling with a computer that is playing up, partly working for now - but heading to hospital for an overhaul next week. I hate it when technology goes wrong and Mr talks about things and it sounds like a foreign language. I like simple.

10.10.10. day 7 by Colette Moscrop

 a photo by Colette Moscrop on Flickr.

I love the school holidays, time to rest, play, visit, recharge.
I plan to savour the remaining few days and squeeze in as much crafting with the girls as possible. The picture is an old one, I can't upload / download anything right now. Grrrrr. Deep breath. Time to sew and calm down.

The Kids Clothes Week Challenge is back. Sewing for children, one hour everyday for a week. Sounds good to me.

Hope to be back next week, with a proper update.
Happy weekend. x


  1. oh yuck that things aren't good with your technology. i am not into all that either, i just like the typing and crafting stuff. i love this 'old' photo you have put up, so appropriate too with spending precious time with your girls. have a wonderful easter and holiday with your family.

  2. Oh I so know how frustrating it is when technology goes on the fun at all..mainly because I have to admit how much I actually rely on it despite my protestations to the contrary! :)
    The bright side is even more time for sewing/creative which it sounds like you are enjoying!
    Happy holidays :)x


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