Tuesday, 3 May 2011

London Town

Isn't it surprising how quickly we come to rely on technology? I'm very glad to have the computer back, and working. But without it, I did manage to get things 'done', lots of half finished jobs got finished, I read articles that have been hanging around for ages and I didn't lose hours on the web. Of course now I have way too many photos to upload, too many e-mails to write and so many blogs to catch up on, but first I do need to share our fab day out...

Another visit to the Museum of London, such a great place, so much to see and do and tons of really interesting stuff. 

These models really caught my attention, whole streets of houses and shops in the most incredible detail. Rubbish spewing out of dustbins, the inside of someones bedroom, broken walls, tiny trees - amazing and fascinating, and based on real communities.  

We also saw the new exhibitions - London Street Photography a visual history of the city, it shows so many similarities between the social problems of then and now, fascinating. And Hand-drawn London, a small exhibition of maps hand-drawn by ordinary Londoners based on their experiences and memories of the city with a little imagination thrown in, they are so charming and quirky I could have gazed for hours, but little ones were getting fed up...   
If you're nearby - pop in - they are well worth the visit. 

On our way out we stopped at the gates of some gardens, the girls wanted to go in, it was Postman's Park. I was delighted and moved, it's somewhere I've wanted to visit for a long time.

The small area includes a Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice, such a moving tribute to those who gave their lives whilst attempting to save someone else's. A series of tiled plaques name the individuals and how they gave their lives, men, women and a surprising number of children trying to save siblings and friends. It certainly reminds you just how precious life is, and how quickly it can be taken.

After taking in such moving tributes we walked towards the river past St Paul's Cathedral and over the Millennium Bridge, pausing to take in the views and characters. 

This man was sketching outside the Tate. I was immediately taken in by his work - line drawings of architecture - a favourite of mine, as we looked he pulled out a selection of his other work. £10 each. I felt like I was robbing him as I handed over the cash. Thank you Robbie MacGregor, I will treasure this and add it to my small collection of work I have bought from artists selling their work on the streets, in the countries I have visited.

A great day, finished off with a pub dinner. Perfect. 
(if you don't include the thunder and lightning and the tube delays on the way home)


  1. Those memorials are heart-wrenching...Fabulous sketch - the detail is amazing!

  2. I grew up in Guildford and GF Watts had his studios nearby, his memorial is there, created by his wife. A really amazing place. So anything about him holds a fascination to me. I've heard so much about Postman's park over the years, but have never managed to go there. Must make more effort. Good to have you back. x

  3. Those memorial tiles are beautiful. Such a pity we don't seem to acknowledge such self sacrifice anymore.

    Reading your blog it dawned on me that I haven't been in London for over 10 years, didn't realise it had been so long.

    I'm your swap partner by the way, I'll be getting your parcel to you next week sometime now that the holidays are all over with.

  4. I am intrigued by G F Watts - just recently I saw his painting of his 1st wife, Ellen Terry, at the V&A - it's a wonderful picture. I lived in London for 7 years and have never heard of the Postman's Park or the memorial. Next time I am down there I will definitely go and see it for myself. Thanks for such an interesting post.

  5. I love London and love learning new things about it. New to me, anyway. Lovely blog.


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