Tuesday, 17 May 2011

kcwc day 9

Days 4,5,6,7 and 8 didn't really happen, too much other stuff going on. I cut the fabric, made the pocket and kept getting it out, and putting it away again. But you see it was Mr's birthday so we had to make and bake and celebrate and eat cake so the sewing got delayed.

So this morning I made up for lost time and got Little Missy's dress done. It's called My Garden Dress. 
My girls are opposites of each other, Little Missy loves to get dirty, and take risks, and loves bright colours, and loves finding worms while we dig at the allotment, and dances and lives in the moment. This dress is all about her, she chose the fabrics and I thought a garden theme would suit her, I love freestyle machine embroidery - you can just draw as you sew. Perfect.

The big flower is a pocket and I wanted a sketchy garden around it, that was fun to do, I added Mr Worm as she loves worms, she fed him one of her baked beans for lunch. I like the butterfly on the sleeve too, it makes me think of a sneaky tattoo. 

The spotty fabric I bought new, the sleeves are a thrifty pillowcase find and the pink pocket is from an old Indian cotton top I found in the charity shop. I think they work really well together.

Take a look at the Elsie Marley flickr group to see what some very, very busy people got up to.

She loves it, and it's not a bad fit. Yay!!

Onto the wedding dress next - yikes.


  1. Bloody brilliant!
    Any thing, and I mean anything with machine embroidery on it does it for me.
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  2. Really gorgeous! I love the pocket and the embroidery especially.

  3. Love the ickle worm and the butterfly! I'm not surprised she's pleased!

  4. Your flowery garden dress is lovely and the wonderful embroidery is the perfect decoration x


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