Saturday, 14 May 2011

kcwc day 3 and 4??? a jam packed creative space

Yesterday (day 3) went well, and in 45 minutes I finished the dress. However it was a little big when tried on, so I spent the evening adjusting it. And today she refused to try it on, so I can only hope it fits.

Missy Big chose the fabric for this dress and has patiently waited since last summer - I guess I'm being too hopeful for enthusiasm, she has waited, and waited, and waited...

But she tells me she loves it, and she's happy, so I'm happy.

So tonight I plan to attack these and see if I can achieve anything before day 4 is over.

I love Little Missy's choices - more my kind of colours too.

I need to share our first harvest from the allotment too - my it tastes good, even though it's super early. We had to share, it's the only one that was ripe enough to eat - I'm sure we'll have a few more by the weekend.

Whilst zooming around the shops this morning I picked up Mollie Makes, the much blogged about new crafty mag (some bedtime reading) and a fab tin - a giant jammie dodger, filled with jammie dodgers oooh heavenly, it'll sit nicely with the custard cream tin I got last year. (thank you M&S - I see another collection starting) Gorgeous roses (also beautifully early) picked by Mr from the garden - it made my day to come home to find them in the kitchen.

More creative spaces here, in a brand new home of their own.


  1. oh how lovely is that lace and the dress. I see spring is very much blooming at your place. Happy sewing weekend to you, looking forward to seeing what you create with those lovely colours.

  2. Happy sewing moments. Really like the colour combo.

  3. such a gorgeous the little tea associated pattern and your cup pocket..lovely touch :) Add some lace too and a perfect little girl combo (big girl too I might add!)
    I'm away to check out this new mag...i'm intruiged!'ve now got me craving strawberries and jammy dodgers! :)


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