Tuesday, 10 May 2011

kcwc day 2

Well my good intentions of altering the pattern and cutting the fabric on Sunday, ready for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge didn't happen. So day 1 (yesterday) was spent doing the boring bits and finding suitable pocket fabric.
Today the fun started, I didn't quite manage an hour - but the day isn't over yet. So here's the pocket, well it's a start....

I also received a little bit of happy in the post, you may remember the great big stitched postcard swapwell my card finally arrived today - it's had quite a journey, came some of the way, went back and now has managed to find it's new home. I love it, it's from Stella at food art love. Her inspiration was the Robert Indiana LOVE statue in Philadelphia. 

Lucky me. Thanks Stella.


  1. your pocket is so sweet! i love the teacup idea.Gorgeous fabric too.

    how awesome is your stitched postcard! what alot of fun that would have been.i seem to miss all the cool swaps hehe

  2. that pocket is the fabbest thing I've seen in a long time - i love it!


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