Thursday, 10 February 2011

my creative space

Is a bit all over the place. I finally stitched the crochet flowers onto Little Missy's scarf, she's wearing it all the time now, phew she likes it.

But my new project is very exciting. My younger brother (notice I didn't say little brother - the temptation is huge!) is getting married later in the year and his lovely bride-to-be asked me to make her wedding dress.
Of course I will!!! I was honoured, surprised, thrilled and a little bit terrified - I haven't made anything for a grown up for ages, what if I've forgotten how?

With the little one packed off to pre-school I got cracking. Stereo blasting out (sorry neighbours), No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom, I drafted the pattern and today cut out the calico for the toile (mock up version). 
This took me back to when I used spend ours cutting patterns / fabrics for new designs, bare foot whilst listening to something loud.
I had the best time. It reminded me of who I used to be, it made me wonder who I am now and who I will become as the children get older. 
Needless to say I am really enjoying this project.

This is a bit of a creative tease, because of course you won't actually get to see it until the summer, after the big day. 
As you can imagine my little girls are delighted to have been asked to be bridesmaids, Big is oh-so excited, Little said she'd rather be a princess thank you. (two more dress to make?)

The wedding is a handmade one, they are a creative pair, as are many of their friends and family who are being brought in to help, I'm very excited - there's a lot of love going into this wedding.

Speaking of love.... 

... look what dropped through my letter box. I was the lucky winner of Flaming Nora's 'love token' giveaway. It is just perfectly scrumptious, along with a card and some chocolates for us all - which I promise I will share. Thank you, thank you!

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  1. Colette I am in awe, you are so talented...a wedding dress, wow!!
    Summer seems so long to wait to see it but I'll have to.
    Love the new header on your blog, very you!

  2. Oh how lovely! I would love to make another wedding dress - made my own, plus bridesmaids, and it was a very happy time, tucked away for a few days with my best friend helping out. It's there at the back of the wardrobe - must drag it out some time...

  3. Hullo Colette, oohhhhh your new title is perfect. oh I love it. Onto your creative space, this little scarf is so cute. oh gosh, I can imagine that it won't get taken off too much. Wow, wedding dress making. How awesome, ohhhhh you are right, it's a huge tease, but it will be a pleasure to watch the journey unfold. How wonderful for you. Have a fabulous weekend at your place. xx

  4. Hiya, thanks for the mention! great to see the reel love token in its new home. Good luck with the wedding dress, must be that time of year I got approached to make one yesterday too. Not for anything so lovely as a family wedding though. Love the new look.
    J x

  5. just realised your little house is made from the home entry of a dictionary. How unobservant of me! Beautiful!

  6. Lovely post. The scarf is gorgeous.
    And what an honour to be asked to make a wedding dress.
    I am so looking forward to seeing it, and the bridesmaid dresses!! Gosh you have some sewing to do!
    Good luck!
    Have a great weekend
    Jenny x

  7. oh you won the reel of jealous :)
    Wow oh wow! You're making your sis in law to be's wedding exciting!!!and what a touching beautiful thing to be asked...
    It sounds like its unleashing a part of you long needing an air! :) (A feeling I'm very familiar with!) I can't wait to see the finished dress and read about the journey it takes you on. x

  8. ps...forgot to say, LOVE the new header :)x


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