Monday, 21 February 2011

a new book... and 2 winners

I got this lovely book, The Handmade Home by Sania Pell for Christmas, it has many inspiring and not too frilly and girly projects to make your home a handmade one. I have just taken a load of photo's of the inside pages but have decided not to publish them, that's just stealing right? Copyright laws are there for a reason. So pop over here for a little peek insideOr look for it in you local bookshop - even better to see it in the flesh. If I ever get around to making anything from it I will of course show you that.

And the winners, of course, 2 lovely ladies wanted a copy of Alan Bennetts's - A Life Like Other People's and when I have them in my grubby hands I will be sending them to Me and Ma and French Knots.

It's half term here and I intend to spend the next week soaking up some good times, so I'll see you in a week. Unless of course they drive me insane and I need to escape.


  1. happy holls, see you back here next week! xx

  2. Happy half term- enjoy your children and your book xx

  3. Woop woop, I have won something !, looking forward to getting my mitts on this Colette, I have the fist book too, not made anything from it yet but a lovely book nonetheless

  4. Oh super, thank you! I'm looking forward to reading the Alan Bennett book and am planning a quiet night in to enjoy it.


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