Friday, 4 February 2011

ooh - cheat!

Thanks to school and pre-school, this week has been non-stop chatter about Chinese New Year, lucky envelopes, the colour red and lanterns. Keeping up with the interest in food Missy Big wanted a Chinese meal. I had intended to make one - but Mr cheered hooray for a take-away. Who am I to argue with the genuine article? Cheat, me? Too right.

We did make some lanterns though, you can't have a celebration without decorations. 
(Did you know you could get no-flame tealights so they are safe in paper decorations? I got these in Hobbycraft - perfect for a bit of atmosphere without the fire hazard!)

Have a great weekend, whatever you're celebrating. x

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  1. hurrah for the humble takeaway! who would ever have thought we would live in a time when some one would invent a flameless candle!


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