Monday, 14 February 2011

do you love books? - a giveaway

I doAny kind... 

...novels to lose myself in and go on someone else's journey. 

...books to learn from and go on my own adventures. table books, to drool over beautiful images and be inspired.

...children's books, so we can learn to read together and laugh and share fears and experiences and fall in love with the characters. we can share the love of a good book and discover new worlds.

I've always loved books, the feel of the paper, the smell of an old book, wondering who else read this very copy. A stack of books waiting to be read, books to refer to, share and enjoy.

But since having children I haven't really read for myself, up until recently I was too tired - I would go to bed with a book and be asleep by the second chapter. I'm a little less exhausted these days and I'm trying to make the time to read more. 
I'm currently reading Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper. This is emotionally quite a hard book to read, some days I just can't face the sadness, but I am enjoying it.

When I heard about World Book Night which is on 5th March, and how they wanted 20,000 people to volunteer to give books to others, I signed up. I love the idea of thousands of people all curled up with a novel at the same time. By themselves but somehow sharing the experience.
This is the book I chose, Alan Bennett's A Life Like Other People'sI would like to share some of these with you. I will be giving away 3 copies on this blog. This is just open to UK resident's - sorry, I don't get the books until the week before WBN so I want to make sure they get to you on time.

If you'd like a copy leave a comment and tell me 3 things you love to do and what you're reading at the moment. 
If you win, you have to promise to read a bit of the book on 5th March, World Book Night.
I will drawn names out of a teapot next Monday afternoon, the 21st February. Good luck!

If you are overseas and sadly can't enter the giveaway I'd still love to know what you're reading. I'll be doing another giveaway soonish that you can join in.


  1. Funny how having children really cuts down on the reading. I love books too, all the things you described!

    I think I might do a similar thing over at my place...for the states.

    Right now I am reading The Betrayal of Liliuokalani - The last queen of Hawaii. The subject is something I am very interested in but, not the best writing style.

    Oh, I love your sweet scarf in the last post!

  2. Hullo Colette, oh the smell the feel the older the better for me. Second hand book shops especially when we travel are the BEST! School fetes are awesome at picking up a bag full of books for the smallest amount of money. Sadly, like you, with children and my studies, my reading for pleasure time is alot less than it used to be. In saying that, I started reading The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan last weekend. Each night my boys and I read, and currently my eldest is reading out loud Diary of a Wimpy Kid the first book. To my youngest, I read to him and we are currently reading Toy Story 3 the book to the movie. He is feeling very grown up with this one because it's a chapter book. So reading happens daily at our place, but mainly kids books, which is fine, cause I love to snuggle and read.
    Thanks for letting us know about WBN, that's going in my diary. Have a great day.

  3. Oh my love of is an endless tale of all things...currently I have my nose in "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortensen, and I have just finished "The Murderer's Daughter" by RS Meyers - BRILLIANT READING!!! I am an os reader so can't join in the giveaway BUT will be with you in spirit!! TK xx

  4. Ha ha ha how very very funny! I too applied to give books away on world book night, and I too got chosen, and I too am giving away Alan Bennet's " A life like other people's"!
    And the world takes one giant step closer!
    For obvious reasons i don't want to be included in your giveaway!
    J x

  5. Oh and I am reading "war with the newts" by Carel Kapek. brilliant book written by a czeck writer in the 30's . Again I'm quite a slow reader post children I used to zip along. And being a member of two reading groups is quite a challenge, but I do manage to keep up, just.

  6. Hi, I too don't read as much as I used to, my favourite place to read is in the bath, it is probably the most quiet place in the house with four children ! At the moment I am reading Toast by Nigel Slater.

  7. I hadn't heard about World Book Night, what a great idea. We read a lot too, or at least I try to before nodding off in bed and dropping the book on my head! The children enjoy books too and we often have a rummage in the charity shop to see what treasures we can find.
    I'm reading Day and Night by Anita Diamant. It's excellent.


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