Wednesday, 24 November 2010

gorgeous hat - photo hell

A while back I won my first giveaway - Kelly was very generous to offer to knit the lucky winner (me) a hat, I got to choose the pattern, she got to choose the yarn. Fair deal I say.

Look what I got...  

Isn't it just gorgeous?

I love the colour, it's delightfully soft, it's perfectly slouchy.

Way better than I could have imagined. And to my un-knitting eye looks very complicated (sorry Kelly).

It arrived this afternoon and I wore it on the school run, my girls were very jealous - not often Mum gets something special. It feels good.

I think it's fair to say that I LOVE it. I've been smiling to myself all afternoon.

Almost all afternoon. It did of course mean that I had to photograph it, and I thought it only fair that it should be worn. But that meant a picture of me. 
I hate having my picture taken, just like I hate hearing my voice recorded, it makes me cringe. 

Over at Lola Nova she recently set a challengeTo take self portraits and put them out there for all to see and encouraged us to take part. This made me physically squirm. I instantly dismissed myself from this as it just seemed like torture to me. But it keeps creeping back into my mind. 

Maybe I could conquer my hate of the camera on me.  
Maybe I could learn to look at myself and not pick out all my flaws. 
Maybe I could do this.

So this is my only contribution. I took 92 pictures, I hate most of them. But I did learn that there's a remote control for the camera - and that was fun!

So a big thank you to Kelly, it's perfect, I will be wearing this all winter.


  1. whit-woo! Stunning, and so pretty with your lovely bright outfit x

  2. It is so beautiful... very lucky lady, you do deserve it. lou x

  3. Beautiful hat, lucky you! and brave you too! Keep it up, may be next time you will only need to take 50 pictures to find one you like!

  4. Colette, it looks really lovely, i'm so glad you love it too,

  5. The hat's lovely and you look gorgeous in it. I'm with you on the photographing yourself front, I've only just started putting pics of myself on my blog without the head chopped off!

  6. Oh hooray! Sorry it took me so long to comment, I was taking a little break. You look beautiful! I love the hat too. Thank you so much for sharing this and being so brave, well done!
    I too take many pics and find only a few that I can stand. It's all a process.

    I love your photos!


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