Thursday, 11 November 2010

my creative space

A little peek at the finally finished postcard I've made for the great big stitched postcard swap.

I will show you all of it once it's reached it's new home.

And remember the Christmas Stocking Swap?

Well my partner has received it, but she's waiting until (at least) December to open it - isn't she good! Once she's opened it I can show you the whole thing.

Hoping Mr Postman will bring me a some stitched happiness soon, x

More creative spaces over here.


  1. Oooh Colette!! Those tantalising peeps of obviously gorgeous hand made goodies have got me itching to see the whole thing! Can hardly wait!!

    Love Julia x x x

  2. Oh that's lovely. I really like the combination of stitch and paper.

    (btw I found you via Kootoyoo)

  3. Can't wait to see them in full. my post card is still very conceptual at the moment. Nothing like leaving it till the last moment eh?

  4. talk about dangling carrots!! :)
    Looking forward to seeing your stitched postcard, lovely colours..I'm taking part too! ooh maybe it'll arrive on MY doorstep!! :)

  5. Hello! Just found your blog thanks to your kind comment on mine and have spent a while enjoying yours. I love all the dresses you've made for your girls - I look back on my daughter's babyhood and childhood and wished I had made more for her!

    Will be back to see what other lovely creations you've made!


  6. They look like beautiful creations, Colette - gorgeous colours too!
    A belated Happy Birthday to your little Miss :-)
    And thank you for your kind words about our special family news too,
    Happy days to you,
    Denise x


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