Tuesday, 16 November 2010

country living in the city

Last week I snuck out again and went to visit my friend who was exhibiting at the Country Living Christmas Fair. I have long thought "I'll go there one day" but never got around to it. So when K said she was launching her gorgeous line of leather bags there I thought it was the perfect time to make the effort and go.

Wow, it was massive, and packed with women on a mission. It seems everyone was buying everything they need for Christmas.

I found my friend (eventually) and had a good feel of all her bags  (she does encourage it), supersoft Italian leathers in the most practical designs and stylish tote bags to last a lifetime which will age beautifully.

Just gorgeous - but I know the pictures I took on my phone don't do them justice so pop over to the St Leonards shop and have a better look. Oooh you'll be drooling, and if you're very good Santa might treat you!

I was a little overwhelmed by the size of the show - but managed to get around all of the stands (I think), I bought several Christmas gifts - which of course I can't show you and I found lots of things to add to my Christmas wish list, I'd better be a good girl now.



  1. I love how the bags have been displayed in the frames...they do look very touchable! I love the smell of leather so would probably have to have a good old sniff too!! :)
    I'm impressed that you managed to visit every stand...looks like a lovely bustling day.
    Best of luck with keeping up the good behaviour! :)

  2. Lucky you, looks like a great day out. Clever friend making all those beautiful bags.

  3. The show hits Glasgow this weekend and like you I always mean to go and was definitely going to go this year and then it hit me. If I get inspired to make anything else I'll have to get the elves in to help and I am trying so hard to have a home made Christmas and all, I figure avoiding temptation is the best way to go.
    It was hard enough just being in John Lewis' yesterday.
    I'm a fickle creature though and may have the urge and go!


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