Tuesday, 9 November 2010

the magic number

This week has seen Little Missy turn into a big girl. Now she's 3 she can do everything you know, "I'm a big girl now Mummy".

How quickly she has gone from a tiny sleeping newborn to a confident, funny, cheeky, happy, thoughtful, caring, bundle of fun. She wants to have a go at everything, talks non stop and loves to pose for the camera.

The weekend was packed with family, friends, party, fireworks, laughter, dancing, dressing up (three new costumes = one happy birthday girl) and of course birthday cake -  lots of cake.

Happy Birthday Little Missy - I love you, x


  1. Happy Birthday little one! 3 is just the best age... I wish that Ru could stay this way forever. That cake is awesome... she's a lucky girl. big hugs lou xx

  2. Happy birthday! Love the costume. My daughter has just come in and requested I make those cakes, like right now!

  3. Awww, what a beautiful post and what a darling little ladybug :) My babe will be turning three soon too...doesn't time fly!


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