Monday, 22 November 2010

a tiny home

My stitched postcard made it to it's new home in America. It landed on the doorstep of Sonya, so now I get to show you what I made.

The theme was 'home', which was perfect for my need to sew little houses all the time.

I used tiny scraps of fabric, an old dictionary, some linen that's been in my stash for years and my lovely vintage typewriter.

I loved doing this and it's inspired me to do some little wall hangings (once I get to the end of my 'essential' to do list).

Thanks Beth for hosting the swap -  I hope there's another one next year.


  1. Oh you are so good. my post card is still unfinished and in need of posting! Why oh why do I sign up for these things? Beautiful by the way.

  2. Oh its gorgeous. Love all the fabrics used.
    What a great idea the swap is.


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