Friday, 6 April 2012

s l o w

This week has been at a very  s l o w  pace, school holidays = sick child = lots of time at home, crafting, baking, just being, it has been great (now we're past the worst of the sickness). 

Which has given me a little time to crochet, the bullseye is coming on, slowly. I'm really enjoying doing this, it not complicated, easy to do 'on the go' and I can see the progress I'm making, which makes me happy.

Linking in with our creative spaces.

I was a featured 'best of the web' blog over at Craft Corners this week, thank you CC, I'm blushing slightly - go and take a look, there are oodles of crafty ideas over there, you know you need more to add to your 'must try that' list.

Happy Holidays, enjoy some  s l o w  time. x


  1. Your bulls eye squares are awesome, I have started doing these as a secret little pressie for my mum for Mothers Day in all shades of blue and grey and they look fab, cant wait for her to see it, love, love, love your colours.

  2. Love those! Glad your little un is better now x

  3. What a lovely crochet project and I love your dress makeover too!

  4. Don't be shy, you are definitely on my best of the web list!

  5. Hope you had a great Easter break.

  6. Slow time is good, we enjoyed a lot of it over the holidays. Back to normal now though! The bulls eye squares are gorgeous - that yarn looks so silky.


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